9 Grams

Tempted to get some of my Instagram photos turned into magnets with StickyGram. Several of my fave bloggers have posted their results and they are super cute.  The question now is which 9 would I have printed?  Here is what I am thinking:

stickygram magnets my picks

Check out: I Spy DIY’s Magnets & Scathingly Brilliant’s Magnets.

The alternative and equally tempting option is Prinstagram and their Tiny Book.  Quoting the site, each book has 24 photos and you get 3 books with each order.  How cute is this:

prinstagram tiny book

What do you think? Is it worth $15 for the magnets or a better deal to get the 3 books for $10?

But wait there’s more…

I saved the very best for last.  What I really want is a custom iPad case that I can deco out.  So along comes  Casetagram and their slick iPad case!  I am on the fence about getting one. Apparently it is supposed to work with Apple’s Smart Cover… but I can’t tell for sure. I definitely need an option that covers the screen from my clumsy streaks.

ipad case instagram

Sweet Dreams, Sheri




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