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はじめまして。シエリー です。よろしくおねがいします。

Hi!  I’m Sheri and you have stumbled upon my little corner of the internet.  This is a personal lifestyle blog where I store fun memories, creative projects, and other tricks-and-treats that inspire me. I see the world thru rose colored glasses which probably explains my deep rooted love of the color pink. Grateful is not a passionate enough word to describe my gratitude for my Grammy teaching me how to sew and my Pa teaching me that anything is possible in this life.

About as often as my mood changes, so do my interests.  But there are a few things that seem to follow me wherever I go:  a love for Japanese culture, art of all ages, and a serious addiction to sweets.

I love to meet new people so please leave a comment or stop by and say hello on Facebook.



  1. Hey i just read your rilakkuma school supplies artical, and i was wondering where did you get the book bag?I have been searching the web for days just for the bag. You didn’t have a link for like the other suppilies. So please can you send me the link by email. Reply soon. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi, Sheri! If you like Japanese culture and fashion, I suggest you to look at the following fb page: https://www.facebook.com/nopantzone It’s mostly in Chinese since their market is HK but you can see many interesting products.

    • HI Carmen – that page looks awesome. Catbus and Ahcahcum photos are at the top of their wall right now; two of my favorites!! Thanks for the tip! Cheers, Sheri

  3. Hi Sheri! I happen to stumble across your tutorial on how to make a lolita straw hat and it looks like so much fun :) I’m in the middle of making a country lolita co-ord and it’s just what I needed. Thanks so much, and your blog is very cute; I added you on Facebook by the way. I hope you continue to share awesome experiences and tutorials, thanks once again!

    • Hi Marcy – So happy the tut was of help!! Hope to see your coord on Facebook \(രᴗര๑)/


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