I was in Kinokuniya recently and picked up a spring mook (cross between a magazine and book and, like great American cereal boxes, can often contain a lovely promotion item).  It included a large cat face tote bag and a smaller cat face purse.  Over the past couple of years I’ve seen the brand’s designs pop up in several of the Japanese publications I peruse.  Now owning 2 pieces I am really taken with Ahcahcum-Muchacha.

muchacha collage of clothing, bags and accessories

What I know of the brand is that it was founded by Masako Shinya.  The children’s line I believe is Muchacha and the women’s line is Ahcahcum. In college I had a bit of a thing for making collages.  And her creations totally take me back to those days.  A little bit retro, a little bit art, a little bit cute, a little bit freaky – a whole lot of cool.

muchacha collage of rabbit designs

The rabbit print items in particular are my favorite.  On the brand’s blog I found the photos of the group making tote bags with random bits and pieces.  Such a great concept.  Merging fashion design with craft and collage.  Totally has me inspired to try my hand at it.

What do you think?

Sweet Dreams, Sheri

Credits:  (Collage 1) Rabbit print dress & bag sourced here; (Collage 2) Rabbit necklace sourced here; all other images are from ahcahcum-muchacha.com.