strawberry and chocolate coordinate with etc and angelic pretty

vintage blouse from etsy has the perfect collar for emily temple cute op

This year I have been taking a hard look at my wardrobe. I have lots of individual pieces that I love but not necessarily full looks. My hope is to narrow down my closet and reorganize pieces into coordinates to establish quick “go-to” choices. They need to fit well, be cohesive, and to a degree be simple. Also, they need to strike a balance between casual and pulled together. I don’t like being “dressed up” all the time, its just not who I am.

Part of my organization strategy is to hone in on a few colors so that more things work together, especially as relates to accessories. In this example, brown being the theme. I’ve amassed items over the past several months that were solid color or with a subtle texture to pull this off. This way dresses will stand out and the accessories balance the look from top to bottom.

Another focus area has also been on more everyday wear. I’ve always loved otome kei and feel like I’ve made some smart purchases lately for cute prints that I can mix and match many ways. This direction has however required a lot of stitch ripping and significant altering.

#ialterbrand hime rose animated gif

removed panels from the arm scythe to make the dress larger

On our last Tokyo trip Emily Temple cute’s Chocolate and Ribbon ruffle one piece popped up in Shinjuku Closet Child. If I hadn’t had the chance to see it up close I never would have bought it out of size concerns. But on closer inspection I saw a very simple way to make this adorable dress fit. And I really mean simple.

Short straps and tight arm holes are typical problems with fit of J-fashion clothing for larger girls. As-is this dress never would have fit across my bust and would have been super tight around my arms pulling the whole dress up higher than it should be. The solution is pretty straight forward. This dress has inset panels under the arms that can be altered in several ways without ruining the line of the dress. I opted to remove them all together versus say cutting them in half to create more ease around my arms. The added bonus of this approach is now there is extra fabric to make some matching hair bows!!