I completed this almost a year ago and its such a satisfying project so many months later. This quickly become my most favorite go to dress. I’ve been filling gaps in my wardrobe for more casual lolita looks so that I can dress up more often. At first I thought I must be mental to buy two of the exact same just to make one a smidge bigger. However the end result was more then just a well fitting dress but an entire set of coordinating accessories as well. First lets start with the dress remake.

emily temple cute dress remake to larger size

You can learn a lot by taking apart a brand dress. For Emily Temple cute I learned that they piece together the front bodice and skirt,  same for the the back, and then join them along the sides. In the past I’ve made the bodice and then attach the skirt. Its given me some new ideas on how to simplify a similar pattern I use for otome kei dresses. As for these alterations, the goal was to make it bigger but ensure that it wasn’t noticeable that it was altered. Success means making the smallest tweak so that only a die-hard Emikyu fan would scratch their head knowing something is different.

the alterations are subtle and maintain the integrity of the original

The fabric needed to recreate the back and add a waist band was taken from the top of the second skirt. This left the entire border print available for making accessories. By sheer dumb luck I had some strap material in my stash in the exact same color as the fabric. Determined to reuse other things I had tucked away, a nice turquoise fabric was used for the lining to adding a pop of color matching the puppies’ ribbons. I used a very stiff interfacing to help the bag keep its shape. Its finished inside with a pocket to make it easy to grab my phone and lip balm.

custom tote bag made from emily temple cut fabric

The last finishing touch for this project was the addition of cotton ivory lace. The lace has two functions. The adjustments to the bodice added a few inches to the length and the lace adds just enough more to make the dress tall girl friendly. The lace also acts as a jumping off point to create harmony with the tote bag. While the print is totally adorable the bag felt a bit flat looking without this extra detail. Its the difference between a good bag and a great bag.

one small dress is now an entire coordinate of a dress, bag and katyusha hairband