Project Update: Applique Pieces Basted

anthro pillow baste or tack the diy pieces

This weekend the temperature dropped dramatically; Autumn sure can be moody.  Having no desire to leave the warmth and comfort of home I grabbed a needle and got back to work on my Anthropologie inspired DIY pillow project.

I don’t often do applique, so am taking every precaution to ensure crisp and accurate lines for the rows of chevrons.  Last time I added fusible interfacing to stabilize the kimono silk. This time I basted, or tacked, all the pieces.  A tack is a very simple long straight stitch to help the fabric stay in place.  As I will want to remove this stitch after completing the applique, I made sure the knot was on the right side of the fabric.  With a careful snip and a gentle tug the basting should easily be removed, leaving a nice precise shape.

But for now I must get back to work. Happy Monday everyone!

Update 3: Ready to Begin Applique
Update 2: Finalizing the Pattern
Update 1:  Pattern for Perfect Corners
Kickoff:  Anthro & West Elm Inspiration
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