40 x Tokyo

T-minus 16 days and counting.  Not long now. Today’s birthday trip wish is to be a pampered princess at a …

Butler Cafe (執事喫茶)

Best part of the trip, will be seeing my friend Asumi!  She and my travel buddy are being so secretive. They are plotting surprises for 3 days of the trip and haven’t let me make any of the reservations.  It is making the trip all that more exciting!!!  But I have some clues ;)  Last time she was in NY we had a nice conversation about Butler Cafes.  So I am pretty sure that must be on the plan.

enjoy tea at a butler cafe

There are 2 cafes that stand out from all the blog posts I could find.  Swallowtail looks to be very swank.  They have a rather impressive collection of fine tea service from Wedgwood to Royal Albert. Their website is darling and you can see how they interpret European Royalty for their cafe theme. More fairy tale that factual.  The downside to their lovely web design is much of the text is imbedded in images… so no Google translate to my aide.  The other, simply named Butlers Cafe, has a more English garden charm about it.  Their selling point is that all the butlers are Western and speak English.  They are both so cute, I am really looking forward to being greeted with a “welcome princess.” (#^.^#)

royal albert tea cup butler cafe

Oh yeah, Swallowtail also has a Patisserie where you can purchase some very elegant pastries. Waaaaa I am way too addicted too sugar.  It all looks so yummy.

As turn about is fair play, what Asumi doesn’t know is I have a little surprise for her too (^_-)

Links: Swallowtail Butler Cafe  | Butlers Cafe

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