velvet and lace ice cream lolita otome badge patch

Didn’t have enough time to start my pastel sweater remake yet.  Instead choose to make an accessory this weekend.  Sewing and crafting is my go to stress reliever and work has been very intense the past month.  Always is this time of year.  So I choose to focus on something smaller that I could accomplish with limited time.  And this velvet and lace ice cream badge is the result.

The ice cream patch was a gamble.  The subject matter was perfect but wasn’t sure if I could really transform a throwback to the 70’s into an uber kawaii badge.  The company that makes the patch is not my cup of tea – too hippie and rocker for my esthetic.  Nothing against those genres, just not my style. But I figured I would take a chance on the vanilla cone for the Candy Shoppe Girl collection.

sweet lolita ice cream badge

The next concern was the color palette.  I rarely ever wear browns and tans.  Sure an off-white blouse here and there, but black and pink are my everyday staples.  So opted for mauve pinks and purples with a cream lace.  I think the overall combination looks complimentary.

Also went for very rich materials to raise the status of the patch.  Swarovski crystals, glass tear drop beads, pearls and velvet give the piece a more refined and rich look.  The back is finished in a cream fleece and includes a basic broach clasp.

As for challenges, the most difficult task was sewing through the thickness of the patch embroidery and glue.  I managed it but had to use a little rubber needle grip to tug through each stitch.

burrr - ces't froid ice cream