The storm everyone was tweeting and posting about has come and gone.  We received a good foot of snow.  To everyone’s relief, we didn’t lose power. Phew. Woke up Saturday to a spectacular view. My favorite thing about snow is that it doesn’t discriminate. It left a perfect blanket of pure, white, fluffiness as far as the eye could see.

cellar stairs covered in snow

blanket of snow

deep tracks in the snow

old squirrels nest

digging the car out of snow

Luckily the storm wasn’t as fierce as it could have been.  To be honest if was the perfect winter day where big fluffy flakes came down from morning straight into the evening.

Follow Your Heart

The snow is falling and we are tucked up inside today.  Neither of us are big sports fans but we figured any excuse to celebrate is a good one.  So for Super Bowl Sunday we are making a massively fancy Indian dinner which will be followed by a Naruto anime marathon.

The weather is making me nostalgic for chilly days as a kid spent making hand made valentines.  The classic lace doily and glitter combinations come to mind.  I liked simplicity but with a little sparkle. Then I remembered this charming girl I met in San Francisco last year.  She hand sewed felt hearts all higglety pigglety to a pair of tights for her valentine coordinate.  The tights had such charm and a vintage feel.

valentines hearts in fashion

Since the days of handing out heart felt sentiments with classmates has long passed, I am thinking of making something understated that I can wear to work this year for Valentine’s Day.  There are a lot of sweet and DIY-able inspirations tucked away in my Pinterest boards. Right now a heart patched cardigan is top of the list.

Credits: (1-a beautiful mess) (2-honestly wtf) (3-shopflattery on etsy) (4-theiceberg & janitors) (5-modcloth)

Valentine’s Cocktail – Basil Grande

I’ve started making all the preparations for a festive Valentine’s Day this year.  It is one of my favorite holidays.  Who doesn’t want to celebrate love?  Found a drink that is perfect for the occasion.  It is called a Basil Grande.  I clipped the recipe ages ago (from either Lucky or Martha I think).

valentines day cocktails

It is the perfect shade of red and is sweet.  For my version I adorned the glass with a strawberry instead of the basil leaf.  Seems more appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

4  fresh-hulled strawberries
5  fresh basil leaves
1 shot vodka
1 shot Chambord
1 shot Grand Marnier
3 shots cranberry juice

– Muddle strawberries & basil in a shaker.
– Add the other ingredients and ice.
– Shake.
– Use a stainer as the holes in most shakers will get blocked by the strawberry bits.
– Garnish with a strawberry.
– Enjoy.

basil grande cocktail recipe
Credits: Modified bow and lace gif art  from Subversive Kawaii on tumblr.

Unfinished Business

Been thinking long and hard about New Year’s resolutions.  And while we are already well on our way into January it hit me today.  I have unfinished business.

There are a half a dozen sewing projects that I started and never finished over the past 2 years.  I am convinced that unfished projects hold onto energy, and the only way to get that energy back is to come to closure.  Either finish it or abandon it for good.  So between now and April it is time to make that call; wrap it up or toss it.

This is also a monumental year for me – a milestone birthday is coming!  So another resolution is that I want to pack my suitcase for Tokyo in the spring knowing it includes several of my own designs.  This is a pretty lofty goal given my work schedule but I think I can pull it off.  Since my sewing projects are almost entirely inspired by either traditional Japanese clothing and design or incorporates fabrics and embellishments from Japan it seems really appropriate to honor that on my special day.

So hello 2013!  Looking forward to getting to know you and a new me.

P.S. If push comes to shove, guess it will be time to have a project party: unfinishedprojectparty.wordpress.com

sissors line1/10 Update:  Was catching up on bloglovin this morning and had no idea I missed this “UFO,” or unfinished object, post from blogforbettersewing.com. Felt good to know I am in really good company.

Mele Kalikimaka

mele halikimaka in hawaii

christmas greetings

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas.  Today’s big adventure was checking out the surf scene at Waimea Bay.  Waimea is the original giant wave surf spot and we got to see it in good form.

waimea bay

Winter surf at Waimea Bay.

hawaiian horses

Petting the pretty horses at a stop along the North Shore.

fumi shrimp shack

Christmas lunch at a local shrimp shack – Fumi’s.

fumi shrimp shack

Got to practice some katakana on the menu.

shrimp bento

Spicy garlic shrimp, a bit oily, but the shrimp was super fresh.

hawaiian shave ice

Unfortunately the Oki Doki Shave Ice stand was closed for the holiday.

oahu beach snowman

A Kama’aina take on the classic winter snowman at the local’s beach.



Aloha from Oahu

hawaiian aloha

It’s photospam time.  Popped off to Hawaii to celebrate the holidays with my best friend.  I’ve spent a lot of time on the Big Island, but this is my first visit to Oahu.  The two islands are like bookends – very different from each other.  Oahu is the most populated and Hawaii (TBI) the least populated.  Today’s mission was to stock up on food so that we aren’t stuck tomorrow on Christmas when most stores will be closed.

Photos – Day 1

aloha from hawaii

Sunrise on Oahu.

oahu kualoa

View from the lanai.


A few plumeria blossoms holding on during winter.

fresh picked lilikoi

Fresh picked lilikoi from the garden at our vacation rental.

ono hawaiian ice cream cones

Ono-kine ice cream cones in the local grocery store.

honolulu chinatown

First official stop – Chinatown!

chinatown fresh fish

Amazing fresh fish in the Chinatown market.

north shore sushi pillows

Funny sushi pillows in a Honolulu shop.

honolulu mermaid

Cool mermaid painted on a side street in Honolulu’s Chinatown.


Happy Thanksgiving Feast

happy thanksgiving 2012We are just about to tuck into our Thanksgiving dinner.  This year mon chouchou has outdone himself.  He has whipped up an entire feast of Middle Eastern treats – all from scratch.  Egyptian style falafel {no chickpeas at our house, just yummy fava beans,}  tabbouleh, hommus, baba ghanoush, shariya rice and piping hot homemade pita bread. And to wash it all done we are about to finish up our case of beaujolais nouveau.

So much to be thankful this year.  Good friends, good food, good health and good times.

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving too!

Magazine Clippings No. 3

My friends all know that I like things to be neat and orderly. I will line up the chairs around a table, straighten out books on a shelf, and crisply stack papers on my desk. But I have another side; a side where I like coloring outside of the lines. It is that balance that drew me to each of the elements for this collage. There is an order to everything, like the crisp grid in the rug, but also an organic hand touch as well, like the calligraphy-esq lines.

magazine collage frogs rhythm

How about you? Do you have any conflicting quirks in your personality?

Magazine Clippings No. 2
Magazine Clippings No. 1

Happy {Belated} Halloween

halloween graveyard art

No power, no water, no heat, and until today no cell service.  NO PROBLEM.  Sometimes its tough to be a New Yorker.  But when the going gets tough, the tough get going ;)

spooky graveyard revolutionary war

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy my Halloween plans have been put on hold.  Just happy that my friends are all well and that the house is still in one piece.  Now it is up to ConEd to get us back in business.  We have pulled out our snowboarding gear, all the big blankets and extra down comforters.  After the first 3 days you get into a rhythm – a new rhythm – a little house on the prairie rhythm.

armonk methodist cemetary

As much as you try to prepare there always little things that escape you.  For us it was how to grind coffee.  We buy whole beans to keep it fresh and grind it before use.  As my grinder depends on electricity, you would have chuckled to see my trying to make a pot of coffee using a zip lock bag and my rolling pin to smash the beans. Luckily we were able to get out of our neighborhood today {roads were blocked until late yesterday} and picked up a bag of ground from our local Starbucks.

Our next mission is to get gas for the car – yikes!!

hurricane sandy downed trees

I hope you and your loved ones are well!!!  Stay warm, stay safe!

Magazine Clippings No. 2

Still mucking about and cleaning out my clips drawer. This week I was traveling on business and no matter how long or how short the trip is, I always pine to get back to the comfort of home. My better half used to travel and have extended stays half way across the world. This piece I feel reflects that separation, the longing for a loved one to return, and love letters sent the old fashioned way for a more intimate long distance kiss that email and Skype just can’t provide.

magazine collage called long distance

Magazine Clippings No. 1
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