Magazine Clippings No. 1

Despite the fact that I make my living as a digital marketer, I am still a huge fan of good old fashioned printed magazines.  The folks at Condé Nast have done an incredible job with taking their publications into the web and mobile space.  But I still adore flipping through my favorites, curled up with a blanket, and a warm cup of coffee on weekend mornings.

I have a habit of tearing out the pages that attract my attention.  There is a good 15 years worth of clippings in a small file cabinet next to my studio desk – yikes!  So to try and thin things out and merge my love of print and digital I am trying my hand at making small collages.  These are nothing fancy, just quick efforts to match up some favorite clips and present them in a new setting.  And here is attempt number one. I call it “scribbles”.

zasshi clips collage scribbles


I do very much wish I could credit my sources, but given these have been sitting in a drawer, most for more than a decade, their origin is a mystery.

What do you think?  Should I keep at it?

Sweet Dreams, Sheri





Teddy Bear Shop Mannequins

teddy bear shop window mannequins

If I had a brick-and-mortar shop, I would totally have rabbit- or teddy bear-headed mannequins just like pinkyotto!  Look how cute they are!!!  I believe the fashion boutique started using these back in 2010.  Love it.

Edgy, charming, feminine and affordable would best describe the clothing line’s vibe.  Stop by their West Village Bleecker Street location to see for yourself.


White Pumpkins & Black Crows

Looking for a more grown up take on Halloween decorations this year?  Pottery Barn continues to deliver with their seasonal collection.  I’ve already picked out my favorites.  But I never like selecting all my decorations from one source; it can result in a flat style. Adding in some real pumpkins adds another layer and natural texture.  I am in love with the white pumpkin trend which when paired with an Edgar Allan Poe worthy Raven will create a striking black and white palette.  Mix in a few pieces of silver mercury glass and you have a very chic display and a modern departure from the kitschy orange and black of our childhood.

white pumpkins and black crows

  1. A simple display of a lightly stenciled pumpkin on a black cake stand would be attractive on an entryway table or to spice up a kitchen island.
  2. Put your DIY skills to use by adding a stark black crow or reversing out some polka dots with paint for an interesting vignette on the porch.  Adding Spanish moss is more high brow than fake spider webs and gives off an eerie withered with time impression.
  3. Lining a staircase with white pumpkins makes major impact with little effort.
  4. Pottery Barn’s stately crows would be a show stopper in a bookcase display.
  5. Rhinestones and Victorian silhouette portraits add some razzle dazzle and a personal touch no store bought decoration can provide.
  6. Bring in more of the outdoors with white branches with leaves sprayed black for a dramatic floral display.
  7. Say farewell to plastic jack-o-lanterns and hello to contemporary glass alternatives.

october halloween color palette

What do you think of a black and white haunted Halloween setting?

Credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

The Autumn Usagi Are Back

Friday marked the official transformation from Summer into Autumn.  Without a doubt, what I look forward to more than anything in the Fall is when Minamoto Kitchoan brings back their Usagi-san (うさぎさん), a seasonal wagashi (sweet).

usagi-san japanese sweets

These little treats in the shape of a rabbit are adorable and delicious.  They are small so won’t spoil your diet; they are sweet – but not too sweet; and they have a wonderful punch of orange zest.  I knew these little guys were a hit when a friend of mine who never eats sweets was gobbling them up.  Each bunny comes individually wrapped so that they stay fresh.

bttsb and back to japanese school

I started back to school as well this week which seems so seasonally appropriate.  Attended a Hiragana workshop on Thursday followed by a Katakana workshop on Friday at Japan Society in NYC.  It was really helpful and much needed as this upcoming semester we say goodby to using Romaji.  Feels like some sort of right of passage.  (^ _ ^)/~~さようなら

yummy bunny sweets

Credits: I made the pink photo frames using’s freebie honeycomb pattern.

Woodland Fauna Pulls & Hooks

Happy Autumn!

Had to pull out a jacket yesterday as Autumn has arrived right on time.  This means spending more time indoors for the next several months.  Being a nature lover, I am finding little ways to bring the outdoors in.

fox drawer pulls in celadon and brass deer and rabbit hooks from anthropologie

Bought a very plain and basic, white wardrobe from IKEA for my bedroom.  It is in dire need of a little something to spice it up.  Found these charming fox drawer pulls in celadon from Anthropologie which will add some whimsy and sophistication at the same time.  The door pulls the cabinet came with are, well, meh. Not sure what I will do with the brass deer and rabbit hooks yet – but had to have them too.

Now I just need to find some coordinating wallpaper to fill the panels on the cabinet doors and I will have all the supplies for a nice Autumn project.  Right now this wallpaper from is a lead contender. Always fun working on Life’s Sweet Essential #3 – Shelter before the cold weather hibernation hits this time of year.

Charity Golf Outing

Last week I was invited to the 17th Annual MasterCard Charity Golf Outing.  First of all, while my childhood was surrounded by the golf experience – I have no clue how to play!  But its all good fun when its for charity.

The team at Dante Consulting down in D.C. has been the secret sauce behind a significant project at work.  And they helped to power an awful lot of wishes for the Make a Wish Foundation during this event – THANK YOU.

sheri takes a swing - FORE{check out some of those names!; totally posing at the facebook tee}


Not only was I a bit shocked that even though I lack the skills I had to give it a try, but my teammates and I were paired up into foursomes with New York Yankees baseball stars!

teammates in full swing{us gals were paired up with Jimmy Key (poor guy, he was the only one who knows how to play)}


thank you dante consulting{Jimmy Key improving our team’s odds; Silvana, Jimmy, & Cheryl on the green;
Chol and Jerrianne were paired with Darryl Strawberry}
i met cecil fielder{Cecil Fielder kept calling me “Detroit” all day; Jimmy measures the next hole}


darryl strawberry and jimmy key{Silvana posing with Jimmy Key and Darryl Strawberry}

Sweet Dreams, Sheri




DIY Anthro & West Elm Pillows

anthro and west elm pillows

Came across this blog post {} and knew I could whip up a DIY version for even less -AND- give them an Asian vibe with my massive stash of kimono and yukata fabrics.  I am hoping to achieve the quality of the Anthropologie chevron pillow over the West Elm version, which I am sorry to say looks like a less well endowed cousin when seen side-by-side.

For the past ten or more years I have collected a ridiculous amount of vintage kimono and kimono fabric.  E-bay and Etsy have been good to me.  But the online resource that no other can hold a candle to is Ichiroya! This little shop located in Osaka, Japan is gorgeous.  They were early adopters of e-Commerce, experts in kimono tradition (Ichiro’s mum Michiko is adorable,) and are major insiders for the kimono flea market in Japan.  I bought my first 2 bolts of yukata fabric from them back in 2002.  My pocketbook has gone downhill since then gobbling up a hoard of blue and white yukata. Many a sewing and diy project has come out of my studio thanks to Yuka and Ichiro.  Arigato!

diy kimono chevron pillow Stay tuned to see the results.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri





Sakuraya Cream Puff

sakuraya ny cream puff

My Saturday Guilty Pleasure = A fresh made cream puff from the Sakuraya stand inside Daido Market in White Plains.  It is hands down the best cream puff in all of Westchester, NY!  I can rave on and on about everything in Daido – amazing selection for DIY sushi –  but the cream puff is a special treat.  You would think that a more traditional Japanese product like mochi would be the prize, but no it is the simplicity of a little cream puff.  The crunchy exterior, the airy dough and the sweet filling provide a minute of culinary pleasure.  And for just $1.50 how can you go wrong.


Happy Labor Day Weekend

wishing you a happy labor day weekend

Wow!  Labor Day weekend is here already.  Technically Autumn doesn’t start for a few more weeks, but there is no mistaking the change in the season this year.  Already there are a few scattered leaves on the ground, the days are growing shorter, and the nights getting cooler.  I always look forward to pulling cozy sweaters out of storage this time of year.  But I will miss being able to kick around bare foot, which is by far my most favorite part about warm weather.

What are you looking forward to this Fall and what will you miss most about Summer?


Prada at the Met Museum

Did you get to see the Schiaparelli & Prada Impossible Conversations exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art before it ended?  A friend and I popped in last month to check it out.

a glimpse inside the prada exhibit at the met

Snapped a couple of photos before the museum security guard instructed me that photos were not allowed.  Whoops.

To begin, the layout of the exhibit was impressive.  It was a bit like strolling through the House of Mirrors at an amusement park.  I realize that doesn’t exactly sound chic, but is the best comparison to describe the experience.  In a dark room, video screens fill the space tucked in between glass cases that each contain twin coordinates from Prada and Schiaparelli spaning decades.  You snake in and out of narrow isles weaving around the displays.  The video reflects onto the glossy floor and up onto mirrors that reach to the ceiling – thus showing the video in reverse; a clever effect that feels right at home with some of Schiaparelli’s Dada era pieces.

I didn’t linger very long on the video content.  I was drawn instead to the details of these fashion power houses’ incredible works.   Usually people fall into one of two types – those who take in the overall scene and those who browse detail-by-detail.  I am the later.  And of all the modern day designers, Prada always delivers in spades when it comes to fun and whimsical details.  Was wonderful seeing favorites from past seasons back as if new again. The Naïf Chic display was very girly and appealed to me the most followed closely by The Surreal Body.

There were only 2 downsides to the experience.  First was the bizzare, lucha libre, Mexican wrestler-like masks that the mannequins wore.  It was an interesting idea but in actual execution didn’t add anything to the fashion; if anything it was a distraction.  And next was a strugle with being a Westchester Girl.  When you are fortunate enough to have a few pieces scattered throughout your own wardrobe − seeing Prada fashion locked inside glass cases where you can’t touch it and try it on was an odd sensation.

cloth bound prada book back cover

The hardcover, cloth-bound book that accompanied the exhibition is fantastic.  So if you were unable to see the show, you can still get a good taste of the amazing fashion pairings.


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