Summer Must Have – Flatforms

Thank you Anthropologie for having an entire line of summer Flatforms!  I have no idea who came up with the term flatforms, but I hope the trend sticks around for good. I outright refuse to wear high heels, but these are great.  All the comfort of a flat plus fun lift.  Mind you, I am 5’8.5″ so don’t need the boost unlike some of my vertically challenged friends.

Can’t decide between these 2 pairs.  Super pop coral or subtle silver?  Can just imagine how stunning a big splash of orange would look with a nice summer wrap dress say in a cool blue and white print.  The silver can go with just about anything!

Two of Anthropologies' lovely summer flatform shoes.

Asos also has a good size collection of flatforms this year too.  Not exactly as pulled together as Anthro, but still have some pretty decent cousins.

asos and prada flatforms

I wasn’t quick enough to snap up a pair of Prada creepers last year. Still sad over that one.  Would give anything for a pair in blue and black. And eBay hasn’t yielded any fruitful results. ( ̄へ ̄)I am not giving up though.  Have a pair in size 39 you are willing to let go of?

Sweet Dreams, Sheri







Photoshop Freebies + Macaron Skirt

In a random Google search for macaron clipart came upon the most awesome Photoshop and graphic design freebies by Pugly Pixel.

lace, macaroons, and cute skirts

First up, a free download of the macaron PNG files collection.  Exactly what I was looking for to have a little puri kura fun.  Finished alterations on a Bodyline macaron skirt this morning.   That is what lead to having macarons on the brain.  After downloading and playing with the PNG files figured I would see what else was there.

Pugly Pixel has a ton of Photoshop brushes, textures, and more.  My download folder is full of a lot of goodies yet to be unziped.  They also had a link out to Nadine Pau’s Lace Brushes.  As you must know by now, I love to sew.  So finding adorable lace brushes stuffed my download folder further.

All of that was then blended with a sweet little free app called Xiamen Meitu Technology Co. It has a few kawaii frames and filters.  Put all of the above together and here is the result:

purikura photos and photoshop fun

So if you are looking for a little design bling to spice up your photos or blog – I HIGHLY recommend Pugly Pixel.  Check em out!!



Not Your Grandmother’s Wedgwood

Stumbled upon this shop down in Soho, NYC.  Checked out the site and had a good laugh over these anthropomorphic plates.

fine china with animals in victorian clothing

Growing up my Gramy’s everyday china was an elegant Wedgwood set with a grape design.  These precious pieces were not saved for special occasions.  Their beauty was enjoyed everyday.  Her philosophy was if you take good care of things why wouldn’t you use them.  And amazing enough I don’t remember a single one breaking during my childhood.  Would have loved to slip a couple of these into the mix for a chuckle.

I knew there was a proper term for “animals in human clothing”, or rather when human characteristics are applied to animals, and so in my Google search to learn “anthropomorphism” also came across these fetching Victorian inspired prints by Hot Digital Dog on Etsy.

vintage photos of animals in victorian clothing

If you want to take it to extremes, how about clothing with animals in clothing on it?  My personal favorite, is Emily Temple Cute’s print of rabbit ballerina’s – soooo cute!

emily temple cute rabbit ballerinas

Sweet Dreams, Sheri






Oilily & Spring’s Gingham Trend

oilily logoThe brand and the story behind Oilily is so charming.  As a reaction to the miniaturized and dull clothing for children in the early 1960’s this Dutch fashion house made its start.  Their incredible patchwork collage of bright colors and fairy tale prints and details was a stark contrast to a palette of black, white and grays which were the norm at the time.

Fast forward a few decades and their high quality fabrics and craftsmanship coupled with a sense of humor keeps the brand fresh.  For me it is the punchy pinks and bright colors.  And even more impressive the timeless quality.  With their mix of fabrics and materials they are able to successfully mix a dash of vintage, with some whimsy, while still staying modern and unfussy.

I have several pieces in the vast expanse that is my closet.  Admittedly, they are not items that I can wear everyday to my gig in the financial industry, but instead are go-to favorites when I want to liven things up and brighten the day.

oilily women's kila cardigan

In their current spring/summer collection this mix-and-match cardigan is a knock out.  It is right on trend with its gingham checker fabric for the front body.  But unlike Miu Miu, Jil Sander and Marc Jacobs take on the trend, Oilily’s departure incorporates two different color sleeves and a random selection of buttons to make the trend their own.

2012 spring summer gingham trend

Mind you, I actually like how all of the fashion houses have reinterpreted gingham and taken a country staple and made it seriously contemporary and chic.

So now we can take this classic print from picnics in the park to the executive board room.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri




Credits: Oilily logo and Kila Cardigan photos from; Miu Miu shoes from; Jil Sander dress from; Marc Jacobs dress from


Juicy Cherries for Spring

As a little treat to myself, I splurged this week.  Purchased Baby the Stars Shine Bright new spring print. It has a, ahem, rather questionable title – Cherish My Juicy Cherry.  Don’t get me started!  The name has plenty of commentary across the online community.  The crew at Tokyo Rebel, NYC’s Lolita bastion, put it the most polite, “This print series from Baby proves both that the company has a sense of humor about their series titles and that they still do make straight sweet Lolita prints in traditional sweet colorways.”

Once I got over the name, I fell head-over-heels for the print.  I am a bit old school when it comes to lolita styles, which might have to do with, oh I don’t know, the fact that I am not the youngest follower of the fashion. My real passion though is for over-the-top sweet lolita.  Clearly I don’t believe the fashion has an age limit, or I wouldn’t wear it, but I have been hesitant to  strut a full on OTT look.  This print could change that.

Hurry postman, hurry, and bring the goodies home to me:

  • 136★220 Cherish My Juicy Cherry Candy JSK  – in sax
  • 136★816 Cherish My Juicy Cherry OTK Socks – in sax
  • 136★919 Cherish My Juicy Cherry Ribbon Headbow – in sax
  • Antaina Tea Parties – in red

Sweet Dreams, Sheri




P.S.  This will be my first time ever wearing a blue print.  Could have very easily gone for the pink version… but why not live a little.



Project Kickoff: Rabbit Print Dress

There are 3 websites that I frequent regularly to find cute Japanese fabric.  The first is Super Buzzy, the second is Fabric Tales, and the third Emi Craft in Japan on Etsy. They all have a very good selection of prints that span from cute animals, to sweets, to fairy tales.  And all these shops carry fabric prints that you will not find in your local JoAnn Fabrics collection.

Rabbit Tea Party Sewing Project

Last month I came across a fabric called Rabbit Tea Party in a black and gray colorway on Emi Craft.  A few clicks, quick checkout with PayPal, and before long it arrived in the post.  It has since stayed tucked away in queue behind several other projects being finished up.  [While I love that inspiration strikes and projects amass, I should know by now that it is so much better if I focus on one thing at a time. Anyway…]

Rabbit Tea Party cute fabric

The challenge with this fabric will be how best to maximize it.  It is a precious 2 yards.  I am not sure if it is possible, but ideally I want to make a one piece dress.  Now for the inspiration – a  favorite Japanese brand, that I would gobble up if it wasn’t for their oh so petite Asian sizing, Emily Temple Cute.

Emily Temple Cute Dress

After browsing Marui One’s online catalog of ETC dresses, came across not only the dress styling I want to mirror but a somewhat similar fabric as well. Stripes and macaroons clearly go well together.

Since I have so little wiggle room for mistakes due to the amount of fabric, this project is going to take some time.  First step will be to find a few patterns that will get the closest shape, then onto a muslin draft, adjust the pattern, and then go for it.

But first things first… got to make it through the work week.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri




Ahcahcum Muchacha Designs

I was in Kinokuniya recently and picked up a spring mook (cross between a magazine and book and, like great American cereal boxes, can often contain a lovely promotion item).  It included a large cat face tote bag and a smaller cat face purse.  Over the past couple of years I’ve seen the brand’s designs pop up in several of the Japanese publications I peruse.  Now owning 2 pieces I am really taken with Ahcahcum-Muchacha.

muchacha collage of clothing, bags and accessories

What I know of the brand is that it was founded by Masako Shinya.  The children’s line I believe is Muchacha and the women’s line is Ahcahcum. In college I had a bit of a thing for making collages.  And her creations totally take me back to those days.  A little bit retro, a little bit art, a little bit cute, a little bit freaky – a whole lot of cool.

muchacha collage of rabbit designs

The rabbit print items in particular are my favorite.  On the brand’s blog I found the photos of the group making tote bags with random bits and pieces.  Such a great concept.  Merging fashion design with craft and collage.  Totally has me inspired to try my hand at it.

What do you think?

Sweet Dreams, Sheri

Credits:  (Collage 1) Rabbit print dress & bag sourced here; (Collage 2) Rabbit necklace sourced here; all other images are from

Sakura, Kabuki & Me

In a little departure from my previous posts to celebrate Hanami, today’s is a portrait.  Was able to get all gussied up earlier, as we went down to the city to a Kabuki performance at Japan Society.  The show was AMAZING!

That would be me hanging out under the beautiful Sakura :)

We were given free admission to the art gallery with our theatre purchase.  And in a little room annexed to the gallery, in a corner they painted a Sakura tree outline.  JS welcomed  guests over the past few weeks to write wishes and prayers on pink paper blossoms.  These blossoms were then attached to the branches of the tree.  What a sweet idea.

Sakura wish tree at Japan Society, NYC

Sweet Dreams, Sheri





Sweet Hearts

Wishing the staff of Angelic Pretty, Secret Garden, and all the lovely Lolitas of San Francisco many thanks.  It was a pleasure to meet and spend time with you today.  The tea party was was wonderful.

Secret Garden Tea Service

Delicious tea service at Secret Garden.

Angelic Pretty Janken

A competitive round of janken (rock-paper-scissors.)

Angelic Pretty Guests

New acquaintances.

Angelic Pretty Group Photo

Hai chiizu.

Angelic Pretty Sweet Hearts

Prizes were given for those who could stack the most sweet hearts. I personally liked this team's creativity.

Angelic Pretty Gift and Prize

I won a Wonder Cookie poster - kawaii. A free lunch bag was given to all who attended.

Tea Party Self Portrait

Reminiscing on the day's memories back at the hotel.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri




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