One lump, or two?

What a treat.  I was asked for work, very last minute, to participate in meetings with a vendor out in San Francisco.  And the timing could not be more perfect.  It puts me there right in time to enjoy Angelic Pretty’s “Angelic Valentine Tea Party.”

No sooner had I booked my flight and hotel then I  was on AP’s web site checking availability of tickets.  Received an affirmative confirmation yesterday.

Angelic Pretty Valentine

The theme is Valentine’s Day which is perfect.  (One guess as to what color I will style around.)  My only issue is that I don’t own an Angelic Pretty dress.  The reason is simple – way too small on me.  So I am going to wear the competition, Baby The Stars Shine Bright, for my main piece.  I am a bit nervous about it, feels rude.  So to make up for it, I will accessorize like there is no tomorrow with all my AP accoutrements.

Maybe later today or tomorrow I’ll pull out everything and pop it on my dressform to share the coordinate.  Very excited.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri




Fashion Designer Chrysal Parrot

All work and no play makes for a dull girl.  So with a trunk stuffed to the gills with luggage and my best friend by my side, we hit the road yesterday, off to Martha’s Vineyard for a bit of R&R.

Never having been to the Island before I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I knew it was the idyllic summer playground for many well-heeled New Englanders.  Not but a few hours into our holiday we came across Demi-Monde.  Oh what a treat.

Located in Vineyard Haven, dressmaker Chrysal Parrot operates a chic and comfortable boutique.  An immaculate black silk blouse displayed in the storefront captured my undivided attention. I had a chance to speak with Chrysal about her antique turned new again design esthetic.  She uses vintage garments, which have seen better days but still retain their charm, as a jumping off point to style a more modern version – not replicas, but inspired contemporary sisters.

Chrysal Parrot Demi-Monde

The blouse that stole my heart.

As a fan of all things frilly, I fell completely in love.  And as if the design itself wasn’t enough, Chrysal’s work also solves for a serious pain point I have with most of today’s workplace shirts – perfect fit.  I always have to buy my shirts at least one, if not two, sizes larger simply to get a good fit in the shoulder.  This usually means I have to take shirts in a good 2 inches at the sides to compensate.  Or worst yet, buy my normal size and risk not being able to lift my arms up enough to safely reach the steering wheel while driving.  But not with this amazing work of art!  She proudly pulled on a stunning velvet jacket and demonstrated in a wild display of a perfect backstroke how the cut ensures a free range of motion.

Chrysal's vintage inspired fashion designsIf my pocketbook’s voice doesn’t over power me, I am sure to head back before I leave.  Catering to the vacation crowd, Chrysal is clearly no stranger to custom orders for post-holiday shipping.

If a touch of vintage isn’t your taste, do still be sure to stop by Demi-Monde.  Chrysal also crafts the most charming sundresses on Martha’s Vineyard.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri

Valentino Fall/Winter 2011

As girls go, I am definitely very independent – a tough New Yorker.  But I am also infatuated with girly cute things  (lace, ruffles, bows, ribbons…)  Case in point, I got my Black Belt in the Bronx and, well, my sparring gear was pink.  I am sure Bennett Sensei still rolls his eyes every now and then thinking about my pink punchies.

For all those gals out there who are also strong but sweet, this Autumn Valentino has delivered.  I am completely and totally in love with the season’s Red Valentino line.

Red Valentino Autumn 2011

Image Source: +

There is a little something for everyone.  There are T-shirts with screen-print bows and polka dot tulle for a casual look, ruffled military jackets for a day at the office, as well as lace and tweed dresses for an evening out.  And if you want to overdose on cute: add a sweet pair of ballet flats, leather ribbon belt, and pink bow tote to top it off.

Even the  “themes” for the collection are lovely:

  • Tailored Bow
  • Fairy Military
  • Romantic Outerwear
  • All Over Bow
  • Sweetly Sweatshirts

DIY Valentino T-shirt

For those on a budget and who are endowed with some basic sewing skills, I spy a DIY opportunity.  Try your hand at replicating the hooded sweatshirt.  Purchase a standard issue gray hoodie and pick up some black dot tulle online and embellish away.  Or go for the classic white T-Shirt plus’d up with more tulle and some twill tape ribbon.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri

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