Mood Board: Summer Gingham Code

gingham coordinate with pink and black angelic pretty accessories

Solving my lack of tops trouble one tea party at a time. Thanks to Taobao I have a couple of good blouses for winter, but my wardrobe is still lacking good staples for summer. I definitely favor more casual and comfortable fabrics in my everyday wardrobe and am trying to bring that over to my EGL style too.

I just bought Angelic Pretty’s Dream Color Gingham JSK from Closet Child and am eager to wear it when it arrives. And while this might be too matchy-matchy I have more pink and black accessories than I realized and hope they compliment it nicely. Now the question is do I continue the theme into a cutsew top? I have a little bit of black and white gingham and plenty of pink jersey. Perhaps I’ll give this a try…

Snapshot: Old School Lolita

I’ve got a ton of new projects in the works but nothing ready to share yet. So wanted to entertain you with a random fun memory.  Some events I don’t always get time to make a big splash out of. After a full day of work it leaves little precious time for housework, sewing and getting to see friends. Add blogging on top of that and my time is pretty much spent. Thought of the idea of “snapshots” ala the Throwback Thursday trend would be fun to try out to preserve these little glimpses in time.

black and white old school lolita will never go out of style

Back before the winter holidays our local comm got together for an Old School Meet. This is the look I feel in love with when I first learned about lolita fashion. It took me years and years to finally try it out myself but I still get nostalgic for the simpler days. A little less poof, more natural hair, and overall an elegance that was so different from “normal” fashion.

Bottom Photo Credit: Victorian Me

The Ultimate Challenge: Angelic Pretty Ouji Transformation

By now, if you know me on other social media channels or were at Anime Matsuri, this is old news. However for everyone else, let me tell you a story.

how to convert Angelic Pretty into an ouji coordinate

Once upon a time in the distant land of Houston high above the clouds in the Skyline a tea party was to be held. At this tea the EGL royal court would be in attendance. The queens Misako and Midori as well as her majesty Akira; the great mage Minori and Yura who moves in the shadows; the vampire tamer Shiva cloaked in black, Hasegawa of the poisonous atmosphere, and Chinatsu the transformer of time. Ah, but there was a pair that had our hero’s certain attention. Yes, the enchantresses who bring girl’s dreams true, Asuka and Maki were to be in court.

If one could prove themselves worthy, they would be granted a secret key and allowed passage to join their comm in this most extravagant of times. The hero must be strong of heart and fend off other foe when surviving releases. One so valiant that they shine with the glow of brand.

And so our story begins. For our hero’s challenge was far beyond that of all that came before. For the enchantresses magic only worked on those destined to be princesses alas but not for a prince. That was not until a maiden from the distant shores of the Beast Coast had a vision, a vision of a new future, a future where brand knows no limitation.

its important to preserve as many original details

OK, I gotta stop there. Just can’t do it!! Summary of story: Tea Party Rule = Must Wear Brand. Problem? Unable despite multiple tries to get hands on Boz cloak. Aside from said cloak nothing from Atelier Boz, Metamorphose, Putumayo or Angelic Pretty fit my American male friend. Solution? Alter brand!!

OMG guys, I fretted over this from the moment we got our tea party tickets. Which was months. I stalked Closet Child, Lace Market, the brand online shops, used shopping services but it just wasn’t happening. And that was a sign that I needed to try a new approach. That was about the time Angelic Pretty SF started their end of year sales. Bingo!! Chocolate Quartet came into focus.

The print is fairly neutral as Angelic Pretty goes and has strong military lines throughout the series. So I snapped up the ivory JSK and Salopette as well as the chocolate OTKs. I knew I would need to design on the fly and work with what fabric I could get out of the two pieces. But there wasn’t a specific vision in mind.

My goal was to preserve as much of the original as possible but ensure that the finished look was undeniably masculine. Also, to use as few additional materials as possible. The end result needed to be the main piece of the coordinate, an obvious alteration true to the original, devoid of girly, and ensure a good fit. Oh, and no pressure what-so-ever knowing that the two people responsible for the dresses I would be tearing apart would be there to see the remake. Yeah, its not like those aren’t two of the designers I admire most on the planet or anything like that.

To hear how our hero’s story ends you’ll have to stay tuned. Got about a million photos to edit post-con (/●◔∀◐●)/ But don’t worry I won’t leave you hanging for long. Hugs!!

Mood Board: Hogwarts Lolita Uniform Ideas

Excentric, Innocent World and Alice and the Pirates Hogwarts-esq Uniforms

The local comm is having a Wizarding World of Harry Potter meet at the end of the month and I can’t wait. Everyone has been sorting themselves on Pottermore and apparently I am a Ravenclaw. However, I am just going to set that to the side; my heart really belongs to Gryffindor. Honestly, I don’t mind Ravenclaw but that #$%@ riddle-me-this door knocker for the Ravenclaw common room would drive me bonkers.

The key to a themed meet like this is to avoid going cosplay. The trick is to ensure your coordinate is befitting the story and that it is clearly EGL. I’ve come across a few creative and esoteric lolita interpretations in Google image searches. My favorites are these sketches and this girl Harry. My plan is to create his and hers looks based on the Hogwarts School Uniform.

The first and most literal item that came to mind was capes. A cape can easily mimic the long school robes from the movie while a shorter length and styling can keep it within the lolita realm. Not that long capes wouldn’t work, but I think it’s too deliberate of a match from the movie. There are a wealth of brand specific school inspired and military style capes to choose from.

Innocent World capes for robes and Indie brand coordinates

Conical witch hats have been released by most of the major lolita brands and I expect to see a few at the meet. All the same, I am looking for something different and gender neutral. Berets are particularly popular and would totally work. Nevertheless I am still not satisfied. The idea I can’t shake is boaters. Whether straw, wool or fabric, boaters are what I picture as standard issue school wear in European boarding schools.

So if a cape is a good match for the actual Hogwarts robes, and a boater instead of a witch’s cap then the school tie comes next. Again the easy answer would be to buy the costume version readily available online. But my love of Japanese school uniforms, seifuku, immediately swayed the direction I wish to take. It is common for seifuku to have a ribbon tie for girls and a traditional tie for boys.  I don’t think I will stick to the traditional style for the mens look but at a minimum the fabric should match the ribbon version.

atelier boz, hot topic and jane marple harry potter coordinate ideas

There are a lot of Hogwarts and school house patches available online. If you’ve followed along any of my posts you’ll know by now I have a thing for patches. Since I haven’t made a rosette in a while {crafting withdrawals} the time is ripe to make Gryffindor versions!! Using the same patch I should be able to mix-and-match laces and ribbons to create one more masculine and one more feminine.

Conomi makes seifuku ribbons in all the house colors and Baby has a school trunk

I’ve started most of the pieces I am making and hope to finish up over the long holiday weekend. You can track my progress on Instagram. So excited to see how everyone interprets the theme at the meet. The NY comm is amazingly creative so I am in for a visual treat no doubt!!

Lucky Pack: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright 2015 Fukubukuro

My Second Christmas arrived this week!! I received my Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Happy Pack and was so freakin excited once I got a glimpse inside that I actually gave myself a monster case of the hiccups.  So much pink!!!

lucky pack included pink jsk, cape and skirt from baby, the stars shine bright

baby the stars shine bright pink chiffon jsk with partial shirringlook at the sparkle on the pink chiffonbunny ear pink knit cape !!!baby the stars shine bright chocolate skirtIts scary how perfect this lucky pack is for me. I have been wanting more solid color dresses and hadn’t yet added a pink one to my wardrobe. Problem solved.

As for the cape, it is going to be hard to even take it off I love it so much. I was eying it for so long but never bought it. Problem solved.

Well and the Douce Chocolatier skirt makes me a little sentimental. I was way over my budget when the NYC Baby store opened in the summer and was drooling over the JSK with this print that day. Now having the skirt makes me feel like I was able to step back in time, just a bit, and have a memento I missed out on previously. Problem solved.

alice and the pirates shorts salopette in blue tartan

  • Alice and the Pirates tartan salopette in blue
  • Baby blouse in white
  • Alice and the Pirates stripe hair ribbon in blue

why dont i have more alice and the pirates in my wardrobe?alice and the pirates logo charm on hair ribbon

Someone mentioned on the Lolita Updates Facebook page that they were impressed how the Happy Packs were really well coordinated. I have to totally agree. These were not random selections from what I have seen but really pulled together packs.

Like so many others I got the Alice and the Pirates tartan salopette. I know most people are dumping theirs on Lace Market but I have to say it is super duper cute. Surprisingly it fits me but not in a flattering way sadly. However, it has me inspired to make something similar for this summer. I just adore the plaid print with the rickrack and lace trim – and its shorts!!

The blouse is standard issue and small so nothing surprising there. I might cut up the collar and cuffs and rework it into a cutsew blouse that fits me. Another thing I have wanted to try for sometime but haven’t had the courage. I have too many project already going for now, so this can wait a little longer.

Bottom line for this year’s fukubukuro is that I made out like a bandit!! Between this pack and the IW pack I got crowns, chocolate and tons of pink. Feeling pretty spoiled right now (。・`ω´・。)

DIY Upcycle: Deco Hime Lolita Winter Boots

how to deco plain uggs to go with sweet lolita coords

Some projects just seem to take longer than others, even if they are very simple to make. I am happy that I can, at long last, check this one off my to-do list. This deco hime UGG boot transformation started last winter. You might even remember this Mood Board post I made to kick it off. But, something just didn’t feel right and I ended up shelfing them. What was bugging me was that the lace was looking sloppy and the ribbons were not balanced. It all felt rather lazy looking and not the level of quality I strive for in my work.

My how things have changed. I pushed all the embellishments just a little further and think it made a big difference.

for the hime look make pink ribbons covered in flowers and hot glue them to the boots

I added an additional row of lace to the original, a lace that is more substantial so that it has a stronger presence on the boots. I also alternated the placement of the pink ribbons so that the larger one is on top and the smaller ones lower and to the side. This gave the composition more balance. I also think it will be more comfortable without the large ribbon on the seam. Especially since that seam will deal with a lot of movement when worn.

its easiest to hotglue the ribbons, lace and charms to the ugg boots

A little overdue, but now I am ready for winter!! Well almost ready, still have a coat project that has been lingering for an even longer time than these cutie boots did. Need to get cracking on the coat to match them!!

sparkle roses

Lucky Pack: Innocent World 2015 Fukubukuro

Rushed home to find my Innocent World Happy Pack arrived!! With the healthy dollar to yen rate right now I took a chance on the Happy Pack A Large. I had been wait-listed however won out in the end. Delighted with what I received!!

innocent world chocolate and king of lolita

innocent world Chocolate Fountain OP

IW King of Lolita Just Waist JSK

These are both keepers. I truly feel like a got a “lucky” lucky pack *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧

innocent world blouse, jsk, socks, hair clip and iphone case

  • Standing Collar Blouse スペシャルスタンドカラーブラウス in ivory
  • No Clue What Its Called halter top JSK in pink
  • 15th Anniversary iPhone case
  • Standard Issue floral and ribbon OTK in ivory
  • Ribbon hair clip in navy

innocent world standing collar blouse in cream

oddments from the 2014 innocent world happy pack a

This dress is totally the “we can’t sell it put it in lucky pack” item; the little flaps by the tie had to be pinned down to take the photo!! And I just don’t know if that top styling would really be flattering. And I will never know as there is no way on earth this is a Japanese large – its tiny. I do like the tie and the fabric so might hack at it and see if I can make it into something wearable.

The sleeves on the blouse are too short and it won’t button across a certain area of female anatomy… but I might still be able to salvage this as well with a few alterations.

Pleased I took the gamble on this lucky pack. It was totally a risk as Innocent World sizes run small however scored two amazing dresses that I can’t wait to try out.

(❛ัॢᵕ❛ั ॢ)✩*ೃ.⋆      ˚‧*♡ॢ˃̶̤̀◡˂̶̤́♡ॢ*‧˚     ⁺✧.(˃̶ ॣ⌣ ॣ˂̶∗̀)ɞ⁾

Innocent World what a lucky pack might include


Mood Board: Little Red Riding Hood

There’s a little get together planned today to see Into the Woods. I do like a good fairy tale and thought at first I could maybe make a Goldilocks and the Three Bears look with Kumya-chan. It just wasn’t working out. Then I remembered there was a Red Riding Hood pattern in Issue 5 of the Lolita Sewing Series.

baby the stars shine bright and cath kidston red riding hood worthy items

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright has made many many variations on Little Red over the years. Some very literal with plan red fabric and others focused more on details in a print. Cath Kidston had an entire line of fairy tale-esq sewing and knitting bags and dodads which also come to mind. I like their old story book illustration style but in 3-d form. And the other inspiration that came to mind is the idea of Eastern European folk costume. After all, that is where many of these fantastic stories take root.

yugoslavian costume and bags from cath kidston and baby the stars shine bright

The key with borrowing from traditional folk costume is to not push it too far. Otherwise it will become just that, costume, very quickly. So I think for this crazy idea of mine to work it needs to balance simplicity with pattern. To give just a taste of the old world style while staying true to the principles of the lolita style.

angelic pretty little red riding hood set

Try Something New: A Touch of Gothic in my Lolita

This does seem to be a month of firsts. Tried out ice skating last week and for today… my first attempt at a gothic lolita look. A gaggle of girls are getting together to see the Death Becomes Her at the Met. The exhibit includes 30 some odd coordinates representing mourning fashion of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Well, the NYC comm has been all a buzz about it and there have been several small meets already. The big challenge for me is how to look the part.

What to wear?

ways to coordinate alice and the pirates funeral procession of rose aria blooming in the twilight

I’ll admit already that my code is not going to be pure gothic. Its too far of a stretch for me since my starting point is sweet. I opened my closet the minute the meet was announced and had that oh crap moment. Hello sea of pastel. The plan is to ease my way in with a blend of both worlds. I really don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb when we are all together but also want to be true to myself.

So back to what to wear? How about Alice and the Pirates? Oh yes!! Disclaimer – I didn’t just buy the Funeral Procession dress just for this event. I have been eyeballing this beauty since its release. I totally dig it. Originally I was pulled towards the dark lavender color but then I picked up Enchantlic Enchantilly’s Castle in the Rose Garden scarf at RuffleCon and swayed to the red colorway. The lace on the scarf is an exact match for the lace on the dress.

enchantlic enchantilly the castle in the rose garden scarf in ivory

Originally I was thinking to pair the look with a black blouse but (a) the one I have totally doesn’t look right with the dress and (b) cream seams to pull out the subtle color of the flowers on the print and goes well with the scarf. So I am rolling with it.

But don’t let my mood board fool you. I got the dress on Monday and, in the second oh crap moment for this event, have had to totally reconstruct it. That adorable little princess bodice, yeah, real women’s boobs are not fitting in there – EVER. So I made some very brave alterations to the dress. I still need to take it in a little after the event since I simply ran out of time but am digging the fact that my version of the dress is uniquely original now. Fingers crossed I didn’t totally muck it up. Will try and get photos later to show the before and after.

So before I sign off had to say that this is really flooding me with memories of my youth and goth nights at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit. Not that I was “goth” back then either, but we did have a group who liked to take a break from all the techno we filled ourselves with for a departure into Siouxsie, Sisters of Mercy and some yeah, Robert Smith. As crazy and dangerous as those days were – oh was it so much fun. Ah, back in the day…

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