Choco Bear – Too Sweet or Too Much?

Misako-chan is coming to New York!!!!  It’s less than a month away and I am already fretting over what to wear.  I think a lot of us are since we learned that the fashion show will be run by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright to boot.  This is huge.  In addition, the local community was able to arrange a formal tea party.  Which means needing two complete coordinates pulled together.

sweet lolita chocolate bear coordinate

Later today, the post should deliver Melty Royal Chocolate cardigan in Pink from Angelic Pretty.  When the US site added the pink and mint back online I pounced on it.  My idea was to wear it with Baby’s My Sweet Mate Kumya’s Honey Hunt skirt.  It sounded really great in my head and then I got nervous.  Will the browns match?  Are the two prints too clashy? What do you think???  Will I look like a hot chocolate or a hot mess?

Originally I planned to wear AP’s Promenade de Paris.  But had a change of heart when I learned of the fashion show update.  So this Choco Bear combo I was hoping would be a good way to mix and match both of my favorite brands.  I guess I won’t know until it arrives.  Made this collage over the weekend to test it out but its so hard to know the real color from online photos.  Worst case I abandon the chocolate and go with a plain pink cardigan.  Not as much fun – but safe.

When it comes to the tea party, that is much easier.  I have been dying to wear Baby’s Alice’s Dollhouse.  After my tartan dress it is quickly becoming my next favorite.  It has 50% shirring and adjustable straps so is really comfortable.  It is also a much more refined look than some of my sweet prints.  Cute and sophisticated and Alice in Wonderland themed – oh and pink – its perfect.

baby alices dollhouse diy clock hat

And no coordinate comes without its challenges.  I waffled when Dollhouse was on reserve and only picked it up once the San Fran shop had it available.  Which means I missed out on the socks.  And I adore the socks.  Maybe they will pop up on Tokyo Rebel, who knows.  If they do I will grab them.

And then I need to shove something into my hair.  I have officially given up on wigs and head-eating hair bows.  Neither works for me.  They never look right.  So I scoured Etsy and found several miniature dollhouse clocks and a small table.  Specifically items that look like they match the clock room in the print.  I have a couple of mini top hats I have been meaning to deco so here’s my chance.  Add a little lace, paint the table pink, throw in a ribbon then hot glue to my heart’s content.  Should be fun.

baby the stars shine bright alices dollhouse

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