kawaii cutsew with lace

I live in t-shirts and go to great lengths to find clothing that is both comfortable and stylish.  That isn’t always easy.  Cotton is king in my world and I out right refuse to buy items full of polyester and synthetics. In fact I will put back a perfectly wonderful item if it has less than 90% cotton content.  This includes socks; although I have caved on my standards for a few Japanese alternative-fashion brands.

Then a couple of years ago I took the plunge and attended sewing classes in Manhattan.  The curriculum including learning how to work with lovely, stretchy knits.  I bought my first serger and can’t imagine how anyone ever sewed without one!

handmade lace t-shirt

Knit + Woven = animated hearts

My latest experiments have been on how best to mix both knits and wovens together.  For this project, 3 fabrics in various shades of coral and peach were pulled from the depths of my stash.  I bought them together at the Discount Fabric Warehouse but was lost on how to successfully combine them.  So a couple weeks ago, while feeling adventuresome, I opted for a ruffle collar t-shirt confection.  The coral fabric is a bit thicker than the soft peach, so that necessitated it being used as the base of the shirt.  The lace was selected for its airiness in order to cut up the heaviness of the densely, ruffled, woven fabric.  Was tempted to embellish the sleeves with a ribbon but showed some restraint.

I really like the result.  And the application of the woven fabric to the neckline was pretty straight forward.  Just needed to be careful that everyone was lying nice and flat when being stitched down.

The biggest learning was to use a ball point / rounded tip needle when working with knits on a regular sewing machine.  For example, when finishing the hem and sleeves.  Thanks to the internet I learned that important lesson – they didn’t tell me in the class I took.  The round needle more easily slips between the fabric threads and is less likely to skip stitches on knits – or worse damage or curl the fabric.

What do you think.  Is it a successful blend of the fabrics?

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