DIY Upcycle: Deco Hime Lolita Winter Boots

how to deco plain uggs to go with sweet lolita coords

Some projects just seem to take longer than others, even if they are very simple to make. I am happy that I can, at long last, check this one off my to-do list. This deco hime UGG boot transformation started last winter. You might even remember this Mood Board post I made to kick it off. But, something just didn’t feel right and I ended up shelfing them. What was bugging me was that the lace was looking sloppy and the ribbons were not balanced. It all felt rather lazy looking and not the level of quality I strive for in my work.

My how things have changed. I pushed all the embellishments just a little further and think it made a big difference.

for the hime look make pink ribbons covered in flowers and hot glue them to the boots

I added an additional row of lace to the original, a lace that is more substantial so that it has a stronger presence on the boots. I also alternated the placement of the pink ribbons so that the larger one is on top and the smaller ones lower and to the side. This gave the composition more balance. I also think it will be more comfortable without the large ribbon on the seam. Especially since that seam will deal with a lot of movement when worn.

its easiest to hotglue the ribbons, lace and charms to the ugg boots

A little overdue, but now I am ready for winter!! Well almost ready, still have a coat project that has been lingering for an even longer time than these cutie boots did. Need to get cracking on the coat to match them!!

sparkle roses

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4 Responses to DIY Upcycle: Deco Hime Lolita Winter Boots

  1. Miss Lilly says:

    These are just adorable! I couldn’t live without my uggs in winter so now I have ideas to make them cuter ^^

    I do enjoy reading your blog and your projects are always so lovely and professional looking. Always inspirational :3

    • Sheri says:

      Awwww, thanks Miss Lilly!! I am so glad you like them. I too can’t live without UGGs in winter. Thinking of doing black lace on my other pair now… (ॢ˘⌣˘ ॢ⑅)

  2. Hedgefairy says:

    The boots are lovely! I really adore your blog, it always makes my day a bit better when I see a new post of yours, especially the DIY ones.

    • Sheri says:

      Thank you Hedgefairy!!! It makes me very happy if I can put a smile on your face!! Thanks for the words of praise – they inspire me to keep at it!!

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