H A P P Y   N E W  Y E A R  ! ! !  While the new year is officially underway, I still have a lot of projects to catch everyone up on. Starting with this one.

We spent the Autumn Equinox in Paris and were on a shopping mission like no other. Of the many amazing places we explored we hit the jackpot when we came upon Kilo-Shop. This is honestly one of the best thrift/vintage stores I have ever been too. Super well organized, extremely well priced, and with top notch curation. And it was a rare experience that both of us equally had choices to select from – an atypically well balanced mix of hip mens and womens ware. Ideas were literally pouring out of me onto the shop floor and our arms were over burdened with everything we were hording for checkout.

breathing new life into an vintage thrifted wool vest

Once back States-side this particular mens wool vest was the first I got my hands on. Its original buttons were mediocre but the vest itself is in excellent vintage shape. The wine/burgundy color was so regal that I knew right away I wanted to play it up with gold trim. To keep it looking vintage I specifically selected gold trim that is not too shiny and has a bit of patina to it. A variegated, silk, pleated ribbon wrapped around the edges of the vest completely changed the look. Substantial metallic buttons plussed up the refinement. And lastly, a hint of gold braid to the lower pockets added flare.

I make my tricorns using a floppy wool cloche hat as the base

Of course I couldn’t stop there. Just had to make a matching tricorn to go with the vest. I forget where we went, but back during the summer someone turned to us and said, “Hum, I don’t think I’ve seen Adel without a hat before.” It was comical to us since until this foray into ouji style he never wore hats. But here we are. For this version I went overboard and poured on as much gold as I could. This idea for using chain and buttons had been brewing in my head for ages and pleasantly pleased to see how it looks in real life.

Of all things the medallion on this hat gave me the most grief. I finished all the rest of the trim ages ago, right after we got back from vacation. But everything I tried for the finishing flourish was just, well, meh. On a fluke I dug through my kimono scraps and realized I had this nice gold and wine plaid silk just big enough for a yo-yo. That sent me back to the trim store to find a matching ribbon. The velvet is a contrast to the silk but I think in a good way. Voilà, un tricorne!

a meta jabot and angelic pretty necklace mix well with the vintage burgundy vest

Oh yeah, and the pants with the peplum/apron front were also a lucky Paris shopping find!! He really made out like a bandit on the trip!! #welldone