Feeling Retro

addicted to vintage these days

Thoroughly frustrated with finding good brand lolita blouses that will fit me I have since resorted to vintage. Vintage was my lifeline in college. There were some amazing, with an upper-case A, thrift stores in the greater Detroit area. At 50 cents to a few dollars it was all I could afford. God, I remember panicking over buying a pack of Gap socks one winter knowing it meant going without food in order to afford them.  Frozen feet won out in the end.

When I first moved to NY some of my first freelance jobs were working for Emanuel by Emanuel Ungaro and Tommy Hilfiger. I was emboldened by the NY fashion scene and was always after something new and fresh. And slowly but surely I also got my financial sea legs. So it is funny that now at my current fork in the fashion road the journey has me returning to my fashion roots.

It took just one Etsy purchase to pull me back in hook, line and sinker. The peach number selected for the recent lecture and fashion show at Japan Society lead me to coveting many more items on Etsy and eBay. Most wound up in my wish list and too many in my cart. And it wasn’t just blouses that lured me in. I have amassed a staggering collection of 1950s and 60s bed jackets (chiffon robe / peignoir) on the want list. The cult party kei girls are tugging at my fashion heart strings right now. Uhh, and then there was the have-to-have-it brass ribbon and Japanese vase … no clue where I am going to fit those into what is turning out to be a very stuffed studio in the new house.

blouses on my watch list

I am hoping to get the sailor style blouse above this week. All the rest are in the mail! But this one blouse is still tempting me, calling to me, whispering in my ear. “Sheri, you need me.”  And I expect I will cave to temptation.  Hello vintage, bye bye Bodyline.

Long Bed Coat  |  Short Bed Coat  |  Brass Ribbon  |  Lolita Girl Vase  |  Ruffle Blouse  |  Sailor Blouse (my secret for now)
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