I love my iPhone.  But its one shortcoming has always been that it lacks the lovely little feature of allowing a phone strap to be attached.  Admittedly, the ability to add adorable cases and screen protectors did make up for it… that is until now.  Found the greatest accessory this weekend.  A phone strap that fits into the earphone jack!

iphone phone strap

A simple snap and viola, up’d the kawaii of my sweet little phone!  And yes, yes I do have the world’s oldest iPhone.  It still does its job and I am not complaining.

ice cream phone charm

And better yet, there is room on the ring to add more charms!!  The Rilakkuma phone cover has seen some major wear-and-tear now for a couple of years.  Picked up the matching macaron charm on my last visit to San Francisco.  Had no idea that I would someday be able to put the two together.

rilakkuma sweets phone case and charm

Pick up your own earphone jack accessories at strapya-world.com.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri