My friend recorded a bunch of Deka Wanko episodes on TV in Japan for me.  While it is of course make believe that a police detective would be allowed to wear Lolita fashion to work, I give great credit to the show for how they style the main character.  Wanko’s punk style of Lolita is really approachable and down to earth, or at least as down to earth as Lolita can get.  No fussy wigs, no overdose of bows and plastic jewelry, no fake contact lenses and big fake eyelashes.  Got me thinking of how I can take elements from the Lolita World and bring them into the Real World.

angelic pretty and asos polkadot sweaterFirst up was the iconic polka dot Colorful Dot cardigan by Angelic Pretty.  This was released in 2010 and Wanko-san wears it with the Fantastic Dolly print.  This one was  pretty easy to recreate as polka dots are very on trend right now.  Asos delivers a great match with the Minkpink ‘Pierrot’ polka dot sweater. It has giant dots but not the fussy bows making it more real world appropriate.

angelic pretty tahari short coatNext is the adorable Angelic Pretty Dolly short coat.  Wanko opted for the white version and it pops up in the show often with a really cute brooch – in metal not plastic, which I thought was a nice upscale touch.  Lord and Taylor came through for a real world match in the form of Tahari’s cropped faux fur cape coat.  It comes in black, plum and red which are all great fall and winter colors.  Black can be matched with any style.  I opted for the red version which is just a favorite of mine for a more classic and colorful style.

baby kitty kitty rhapsody and asos pearl cat ear alicebandOK, so this last one isn’t inspired by Deka Wanko, but I had to add it.  The past couple of years has seen the transformation of something that used to be strictly verboten in Lolita. Say hello to neko mimi, or cat ears!  Neko mimi has been a staple of many a cosplay costume but was not cool by old high and mighty lolita standards.  Never say never, because the neko mimi finally wiggled its cute little way in.  I might be pushing my luck on this but I do think the crazy popular pearl cat ear aliceband would be a more Real World take on the Baby the Stars Shine Bright recent Kitty Kitty Rhapsody cat ears.

Credits:  Photo of Misako Aoki from cabusi-photography.  All other photos from Angelic Pretty, Asos, and Lord & Taylor.