I wore my Victorian Doll JSK for ILD as planned despite it not, strictly speaking, being Lolita (to hell with a petticoat.) Can not even begin to describe how good it felt to have something that fit like a glove. It honestly made me so much more relaxed as I was comfortable and could just have a good time with out the whole suffering for fashion nonsense that comes with squeezing into too small brand.

jumperskirt made from japanese yuwa macaron fabric

So you can imagine how excited I am to head out on the town in my other Thanksgiving sew-a-thon dress. This one was on my radar for years. Given that my sewing skills have improved, rather pleased that I did delay taking the plunge and cutting into fabric until now. The Yuwa macaron fabric is one of my absolute favorites and I didn’t want to screw it up. Ended up deviating from the original plan but not by much.

This dress isn’t quite maxi length, however it is much longer than your typical otome kei or lolita length. Proportions were top of mind when making it. The dress hits at my natural waist and I wanted to keep a ratio of 1 to 3 over all. Meaning the bodice is 1/3 of the skirt length.

using a ロングひも通し japanese tool for inserting elastic

My new favorite thing is this tool for inserting elastic. I’ve come across some less flexible variations from Western sewing companies but none as good as this. You can use the search term “ロングひも通し” to find it online. For example, it pops up on this Yahoo Japan shop if you are interested to learn more. Basically, you insert your elastic in the loop before the red cap and then push the wire through the channel in your fabric starting with the red bead end. For extra measure you can put your elastic or a cord through the loop and then again through the wire between the red and white cap. Its the happiest I have ever been working with elastic. So you can expect a ton more of shirring in the future from me.

While I like how my vintage blouse upcycle and Innocent World biscuit socks match with the dress, I still want to play with the rest of the accessories. I have a Q-pot biscuit keychain that I have been dying to make into a necklace. Perhaps that would match nicely and pick up on the print in the socks. But that will have to wait for another weekend…