Handmade: Pretty in Pastel – Lavender Cutsew One Piece

The Perfect Pastel for Winter - Handmade Cutsew One Piece

Everyday wear is high on my 2015 goals list. The lolita portion of my wardrobe will almost always be filled with brand versus handmade for the primary pieces. Its the prints, I can’t beat the prints, at least not yet. So I feel a good focus area for this year is making comfortable cute dresses for daily life.

This fabric is a little different for me. I found it in Hawaii and instantly it reminded me of an Emily Temple cute dress that had embossed ribbons. This fabric has flowers instead of ribbons and is more subtle with a much smaller print and not nearly as raised from the surface. I love the effect of both. The leap for me is that the fabric is a polyester. I really really really try to stick to natural materials but the fabric was too cute to pass up. So I went for it and made sure that I lined it completely in a light cotton jersey for extra comfort.

It took me a long time to find a lace that I liked to go with it. Then I came across this crochet lace at Joyce Trims in NYC. There was the band with raised flowers which I thought was a good play off the raised print in the fabric – a theme of dimension. And also there was the smaller thin lace which was great for matching edges on the collar and bib.

crochet lace details on a fairy kei purple print jersey fabric

I love the way it turned out. It can be styled many different ways from fairy kei to otome kei or even maybe dolly kei. I really want to try it out with pink. I put a few pieces with it to show how the lilac color really pops against a lighter (AP Dreamy Girl Bag and KOKOkim OTKs) and slightly brighter pink (my handmade fur collar and UGG lace up boots.)

The only thing is I broke Sewing Rule # 1 – I was so excited when I found the lace that I sat right down and cut out the fabric. What I didn’t do was pre-wash my fabric to test for shrinkage and color fastness. And I just pulled the dress out of the wash only to notice that the dress is considerably shorter compared to the lining than before it went in the wash. I haven’t been brave enough yet to try it on again as I am worried I will be disappointed. Hope to have some courage later and worse case if it no longer fits will put it up for sale. C’est la vie.

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  1. Jane says:

    Oh my goodness. This is so cute. Love the matching lace.

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