lolita scottish terrier tartan coordinate

There were a bunch of blog posts recently on the topic of  Lolita Print Themes I’m Dreaming Of.  For me the answer is a no brainer.  I really really really wish the major brands would come out with a Scottish Terrier themed print.  Scotties are so sweet and cheerful and for a dress design would be very iconic.  I fill this void by mixing in many of my rather large collection of scottie accessories into my own coordinates.  As Halloween is fast approaching I went full tilt today.

  1. Scottie Cardigan
    Ages ago Anthropologie released a wool cardigan with a scottie on the side.  It was a favorite winter go-to that I literally wore to pieces.  But the applique was tough and survived after all these years.  So to breathe new life into it, I cut it out and recycled it with a basic heather gray cardigan from Target.  With this redux I added my own personal touch which includes a chiffon collar, a silver dog tag engraved with 愛 {love} and a chain leash that drapes across the torso.
  2. Inu Mimi {Dog Ears} Alice-band
    This item is a bit over the top, and I love it.  Instead of the more popular neko mimi, I decided to make my own inu mimi, or scottie mimi in this case.  Some scrap tartan fabric mixed with black pleather and white fleece make up the base.  A red grosgrain ribbon and a black scottish terrier button adorn one ear.  This is on my top ten list of favorite weekend accomplishments.  I wear it around the house frequently just to be silly.

In the spirit of the Blog Carnival theme – what would your dream print be?

scottie dog lolita accessories