40 x Tokyo

T-minus 33 days and counting.  Today’s birthday trip wish is to purchase …

Socks (靴下)

This one might sound silly, but no one does socks like Japan!  My feet seem to be perpetually cold, so even on hot summer days I take socks with me in my purse to put on at the office or anywhere that has intense air conditioning.  Now there is decent variety available here in the US, but it pales in comparison.  The Japanese are much more inventive and creative when it comes to socks.

kutsushita japanese socks galore

This vast selection of socks I have been told is tied to the tradition of removing your shoes before entering a Japanese home.  The sheer grossness of everything your shoes come in contact outside has also converted me to the absolutely-no-shoes-in-the-house-no-matter-what rule.  So if you are taking your shoes off, and everyone is going to see your tootsies, you are certainly going to want your socks to be as stylish as the rest of your fashion ensemble.

A couple of shops/brands jumped out during my research, notably Tabio.  I can only assume that their name is derived from the traditional Japanese socks called tabi.  I am pretty sure I won’t need to seek out where to buy socks during the trip.  Our time will be better spent discussing the department stores and key shopping districts (posts coming soon) as socks will make themselves readily available.

Custom Socks

tokyo calzalone custom socks

There is one shop that I have to remember and that is Calzalone.  On an episode of Cool Japan I learned that you can have socks custom made to fit your feet exactly.  My travel buddy has crazy high arches and can never find socks that are comfortable.  So this is going to be a real treat for him.  We should most likely add this as a to-do early in our travel plans just in case there is a need to fetch the socks in person once they have been made.

Socks + Shoes

trend socks with heels

The trend of wearing socks with skirts and heels always seems to pop up in the spring fashion collections.  Sadly you see it more on the catwalks than on the streets of NYC.  I am a huge fan of this trend and will continue to follow it myself – even if I do get many a raised eyebrow.  Perhaps America just isn’t ready yet for this fashion DO.

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