lifestyle lolita challenge for 2017

As far as goals go for 2017, I am trying very hard to make this the year where I can say I am more of a lifestyle lolita. Given how much I invest in the fashion I want it to be something I am comfortable with even without the safety of a meet. From what I’ve read online there are a lot of definitions of what it means to be “lifestyle”. My interpretation leans more towards a loose definition. Meaning, I don’t plan on wearing full out, tip-to-toe, coordinates everyday. Rather that my wardrobe will have a flavor of lolita mixed throughout. And with anything, I believe you have to be true to yourself, which in my case means a very relaxed and comfortable stye. So if your definition of lifestyle lolita requires the perfect cupcake petticoat in every coordinate than that is where we will differ in opinion. For example, the term “otome kei” is a Western creation. When you inquire of the Japanese they refer to it as Casual Lolita. This is the group I think I best fall into.

I’m a visual person so I think what might describe this better than words is a dress I made last summer. This lavender OP was heavily inspired by Angelic Pretty but made simpler and longer for my taste. You could technically fit a petticoat under it if you wish but I prefer to wear it without. This is my idea of what I would call Relaxed Lolita.

cutsew lolita op one piece dress in lavender

What I love about this dress is its flexibility and its comfort. You can dress it up or dress it down. It mixes well with plenty of brand accessories and can hold its own without. So I guess what I am saying is that if you were to mix Rilakkuma’s lifestyle with Sweet Lolita that is where I get sorted. I can lounge at home in this dress or go out with friends. This is the balance I am striving for. A look that can be ostentatious on some occasions and obscure in others. It all depends on the day, my mood, and what is in the plans.

lolita cutsew op one piece dress in lavender

rilakkuma border

Do you consider yourself a lifestyle lolita? If so I would love to hear how you define it and what your style is!!