macaron cafe new york city

Macaron Cafe opened a new location during the summer.  It is dangerously close to Japan Society and depending on the rhythm of the lights, between Grand Central and JS, I end up walking past it all the time.  Finally had to stop in.  Picked up a box of 6 macarons to give them a try.

new macaron shop in manhattan

I enjoyed the crunch and the texture.  But I can only give them 4 out of 5 stars unfortunately.  There is sweet and then there is sickeningly sweet.  If you are a sugar baby give these a go, but for my palette I wish the filling was just a bit more subtle.  The mocha is by far my favorite of the bunch.  So given the convenient location, I might just have to grab a couple when school starts back up again in September.

They also pride themselves on their Joe.  I have a favorite NYC Starbucks location… but if in a pinch might give their coffee a try next time I stop by.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri




How about you?  What is your favorite macaron flavor?