angelic pretty milky chan skirt in black

I splurged and bought Angelic Pretty’s 2009 Milky-chan skirt in black last night.  Probably paid more than I should for it on, but it is one of my favorite prints.  I live in the woods which is kinda strange considering that it is only a 45 minute drive to NYC!  My yard is home to tons of deer, rabbits, foxes, turkeys, etc.  We even had a bear come through a month ago!  Little Milky-chan and the cute white rabbit in this design bridge my love of cute and sense of home sweet home.

I anticipate that I am going to need to make some major modifications to the waist to make the skirt larger.  Just hope I don’t have to gobble up the waist ties to make those alterations.  We shall see.

Oh, also picked up some matching Angelic Pretty hair bows.  Normally I would make something this simple, but I have too many projects already lined up so caved and added them to my cart.