Mood Board: Angelic Pretty Badges

angelic pretty badges and accessories

Appliques, patches, badges, call them what you wish, when done right they add the finishing touch to cute fashion and accessories.  And the superstar of sweet, Angelic Pretty, uses them liberally in their designs.  It amazes me how much cute can be packed into these miniature masterpiece.

Maybe it was Girls Scouts that got me hooked, no idea, but I’ve had a love affair with patches for a very very long time.  What I most appreciate is that Angelic Pretty doesn’t just sew them on, but uses them to make a statement.  The same beret, ribbon or bow just wouldn’t be the same without the badge.

Would be fun to someday design my own.  I have seen companies online that can do small runs.  For the time being I’ll stick to the art of deco on commercial badges.

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  1. cali says:

    thank you! i been wondering what to call them myself, also, got a great idea on what to do with these awsome nautical patches. ^_^

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