What to do when you fall in love with a fabric but there is only 1 yard left? You apply Gunn’s best advice and “make it work.” That was the challenge a certain Rabbit print fabric has posed to me since last summer. Finally figured it out. Make a lolita apron!

country lolita rabbit apron project

Aprons can be tricky. If you really want it to resonate as a historic fashion staple you have to steer clear of the maid look. The first thing that comes to mind is Holly Hobbie and there is no mistaking her look for a maid. In the 70s she was the darling of my youth. Holly has the perfect country lolita vibe about her. Mix in the sophisticated detailing Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is famous for and I think we are on to something.

baby angelic pretty and meta aprons

I found the most perfect boots from Steve Madden that I think will be a good match and bring in a little extra country vibe. Then there was a wicker purse on Etsy that caught my eye. There might be an entire, head-to-toe, coordinate in the works with this one little yard of fabric. That is how inspiration likes to play.