Excentric, Innocent World and Alice and the Pirates Hogwarts-esq Uniforms

The local comm is having a Wizarding World of Harry Potter meet at the end of the month and I can’t wait. Everyone has been sorting themselves on Pottermore and apparently I am a Ravenclaw. However, I am just going to set that to the side; my heart really belongs to Gryffindor. Honestly, I don’t mind Ravenclaw but that #$%@ riddle-me-this door knocker for the Ravenclaw common room would drive me bonkers.

The key to a themed meet like this is to avoid going cosplay. The trick is to ensure your coordinate is befitting the story and that it is clearly EGL. I’ve come across a few creative and esoteric lolita interpretations in Google image searches. My favorites are these sketches and this girl Harry. My plan is to create his and hers looks based on the Hogwarts School Uniform.

The first and most literal item that came to mind was capes. A cape can easily mimic the long school robes from the movie while a shorter length and styling can keep it within the lolita realm. Not that long capes wouldn’t work, but I think it’s too deliberate of a match from the movie. There are a wealth of brand specific school inspired and military style capes to choose from.

Innocent World capes for robes and Indie brand coordinates

Conical witch hats have been released by most of the major lolita brands and I expect to see a few at the meet. All the same, I am looking for something different and gender neutral. Berets are particularly popular and would totally work. Nevertheless I am still not satisfied. The idea I can’t shake is boaters. Whether straw, wool or fabric, boaters are what I picture as standard issue school wear in European boarding schools.

So if a cape is a good match for the actual Hogwarts robes, and a boater instead of a witch’s cap then the school tie comes next. Again the easy answer would be to buy the costume version readily available online. But my love of Japanese school uniforms, seifuku, immediately swayed the direction I wish to take. It is common for seifuku to have a ribbon tie for girls and a traditional tie for boys.  I don’t think I will stick to the traditional style for the mens look but at a minimum the fabric should match the ribbon version.

atelier boz, hot topic and jane marple harry potter coordinate ideas

There are a lot of Hogwarts and school house patches available online. If you’ve followed along any of my posts you’ll know by now I have a thing for patches. Since I haven’t made a rosette in a while {crafting withdrawals} the time is ripe to make Gryffindor versions!! Using the same patch I should be able to mix-and-match laces and ribbons to create one more masculine and one more feminine.

Conomi makes seifuku ribbons in all the house colors and Baby has a school trunk

I’ve started most of the pieces I am making and hope to finish up over the long holiday weekend. You can track my progress on Instagram. So excited to see how everyone interprets the theme at the meet. The NY comm is amazingly creative so I am in for a visual treat no doubt!!