There’s a little get together planned today to see Into the Woods. I do like a good fairy tale and thought at first I could maybe make a Goldilocks and the Three Bears look with Kumya-chan. It just wasn’t working out. Then I remembered there was a Red Riding Hood pattern in Issue 5 of the Lolita Sewing Series.

baby the stars shine bright and cath kidston red riding hood worthy items

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright has made many many variations on Little Red over the years. Some very literal with plan red fabric and others focused more on details in a print. Cath Kidston had an entire line of fairy tale-esq sewing and knitting bags and dodads which also come to mind. I like their old story book illustration style but in 3-d form. And the other inspiration that came to mind is the idea of Eastern European folk costume. After all, that is where many of these fantastic stories take root.

yugoslavian costume and bags from cath kidston and baby the stars shine bright

The key with borrowing from traditional folk costume is to not push it too far. Otherwise it will become just that, costume, very quickly. So I think for this crazy idea of mine to work it needs to balance simplicity with pattern. To give just a taste of the old world style while staying true to the principles of the lolita style.

angelic pretty little red riding hood set