Stumbled upon this shop down in Soho, NYC.  Checked out the site and had a good laugh over these anthropomorphic plates.

fine china with animals in victorian clothing

Growing up my Gramy’s everyday china was an elegant Wedgwood set with a grape design.  These precious pieces were not saved for special occasions.  Their beauty was enjoyed everyday.  Her philosophy was if you take good care of things why wouldn’t you use them.  And amazing enough I don’t remember a single one breaking during my childhood.  Would have loved to slip a couple of these into the mix for a chuckle.

I knew there was a proper term for “animals in human clothing”, or rather when human characteristics are applied to animals, and so in my Google search to learn “anthropomorphism” also came across these fetching Victorian inspired prints by Hot Digital Dog on Etsy.

vintage photos of animals in victorian clothing

If you want to take it to extremes, how about clothing with animals in clothing on it?  My personal favorite, is Emily Temple Cute’s print of rabbit ballerina’s – soooo cute!

emily temple cute rabbit ballerinas

Sweet Dreams, Sheri