otome kei and sweet lolita whip cream designs

Life is not without irony. I am addicted to prints and accessories that include fluffy little whips of cream. In the real world however I am no fan. I like my hot cocoa naked please. But a heavy dollop is more than welcome on any coordinate. Q-pot is top of the charts when it comes to all things whip and, if I could manage, I would gobble up every single piece from the cherry sundae collection. That isn’t in the cards, but I scored something equally darling. I got my hands on a few yards of official Emily Temple cute whip and cherry fabric!!!

sweet lolita whip cream print cutsew coordinate

This project beginning to end took a day. That was after sitting on the fabric for about a year afraid to cut into what felt like treasure. Simplicity was the objective of the project. The blouse shape is very basic on purpose. I wanted it to work with a few jumperskirts and knew in the end it would be print-on-print so didn’t think it wise to add any more chaos to the mix. I’ve also realized that the vast majority of the year is cold where I live. Sure we have a lovely summer but if you add up spring, autumn, and winter = cold. So I decided on long sleeves hoping I will get more wear out it.

emily temple cute whipped cream logo blouse and skirt

I was surprised at how much of the whipped cream logo fabric was left after making the blouse. And at the time, I was in the midst of packing for a trip and had comfort on my mind. After measuring it all out I knew I had enough to make a casual skirt to go with the blouse. A basic rectangle skirt gathered at the waist with elastic. Nothing in my world is truly complete unless it has some lace on it, so a soft raschel lace was added to the hem to give it a little more polish.