pastel pause button

Life’s Sweet Essentials lately has been Life’s Stressed Out and Too Much to Do and Barely Getting By Only On the Essentials.  The past month has been filled with both the good and the bad.  From the loss of a loved one, to a stunning vacation in paradise, to getting back to school, to visiting with friends from far away, to having my landlady push my buttons too far, to house hunting, to meeting Chef Morimoto, to packing… oh and of course it is reorg season at work.

I won’t kid you; it has all been a bit too much for me.  I like things simple and lately it has been anything but simple.  The only way I have made it through is by focusing on the moment at hand.  Otherwise my mind races out of control and I get anxious.  Still so much needs to be done and I am admitting that it isn’t all going to turn out perfect.  Time to prioritize and pick my battles.

Looking on the bright side, the amazing news is I will have a smashing new place to move into over the Thanksgiving holiday.  And that is something to be thankful for.  And that also means splurging on Life’s Sweet Essentials #3 – Shelter.  This little blog of mine has largely focused on my Obsession for all things Japanese and mostly around Clothing and Food.  So I think it will be fun to share how we transform our next place into Home Sweet Home.

So for now, posts will be fewer and far between and sewing will be paused until I have a new studio space to play in.  Stay tuned!