There goes my budget

A girl’s best friends in this century = PayPal and international shipping.

My new dress.  Baby The Stars Shine Bright Strawberry Letters.

Picked up a new dress this week.  It is Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s Strawberry Letters from 2008.  It was my first time buying second hand on  Very pleased.  The dress is in perfect condition.  I need to fix the attachable bow, it is a bit loose from its clasp.  But that is about it.

Matching Baby Hairbow and Jane Marple OTK Socks

So pleased with the whole Fairy Angel experience (dress shipped in a record breaking 4 days) that I just picked up the matching hair bow and a pair of Jane Marple socks.  The socks are a gamble.  Very hard to tell the colors online and if they will really match or not.  But they are cute and simple so even if they don’t match its no fuss.


Homemade Bread & Fresh Basil

Homemade baguette with fresh basil, salmon and cheese

My love outdid himself today.  I pruned the garden so as to encourage more growth of our herbs.  So he went to town cooking with all the bits and pieces.  Red sauce is on the burner, pesto is ready-to-go in the fridge, and – the surprise for me – a lovely homemade baguette was cooling on the counter when I arrived.  There is nothing, just nothing, like the lovely aroma of freshly baked bread.

For an appetizer I added some cheese and toasted some slices.  Topped with a bit of smoked salmon and a couple of the left over basil leaves.  Oishii (yummm)! (*^-^*)

Summer’s Wild Raspberries

For years there was one thing that I missed most about my childhood.  That was being able to pick fresh raspberries from our home in Canada.  They defined the official start of summer and good times were sure to follow with my loving grandparents.

What I never expected was that they can be found all over Westchester, NY!

fresh picked raspberries in NY

To my utmost delight, when I moved here a few years ago from my apartment in Brooklyn, I discovered that my new digs were surrounded by a briar.  I have only been brave enough to pick from the edges of the patch.  It is thick and I don’t have the right gear to wander deeper into its depths.  However, that doesn’t stop the local fauna from having their stab at it!

A deer caught in the act eating my garden

I am so smitten with this fruit that I try not to introduce too many other flavors when preparing them.  Just a little bit of cream (or half-n-half) to coat them. Plus, a little chopped mint from the garden.  Let them chill in the fridge for about an hour so that the flavors macerate.  That’s it.  Simple and delicious!!!


My DIY: Card Suit Cardigan

Recently I mentioned Joyce Trimming in NYC.  In the back of the shop they keep a section with boxes stuffed full of different types of embellishments.  I had to have a few sets of their card suit embroidered patches.  Knew right away that I could DIY a Baby the Stars Shine Bright cardigan that I have long admired.

Make your own BTSSB cardigan.

This is another pretty easy do it yourself project.  The first and most important step is to align the patches so that they are evenly spaced on your cardigan.  Be sure to use a ruler! The cardigan I used is a very basic three-quarter sleeved by Merona from Target. I first ironed the patches down on low heat to set them.  Followed the iron by stitching each very close to the edge to ensure they wouldn’t pop off in the wash or with wear-and-tear.

Next up was the lace.  I choose a lace with hearts on it to stay with the card suit theme. It is smaller than that which Baby used, so if you want to make an impact you could use a more substantial cluny lace. With the lace you have to pay attention if you want to stitch it around the waistband like I did.  I ended up hand sewing it so that I could have more control and be sure to stretch the cardigan as I went along.  I was afraid with the machine I might lose the elasticity of the knit.

The finished card suits cardigan.

Must say I am pleased with the outcome.  Was even brave enough to wear it into work (on a casual Friday.)  It certainly was a conversation starter.  Most comments were a in passing question of, “are you feeling lucky?”

Julep Maven Penny Trial

Tried the Julep Maven trial nail polish promotion.

I was put onto this promotion over at  (Kelly is a very hip Graphic Designer out in Dallas. Keep up the good work girl!)  For a penny, you can receive a trial package of Julep Maven’s products.  You will need to enter the code PENNYINTRO at checkout.  I played their quiz and opted for the “Classic with a Twist” package.

Julep Maven's Classic with a Twist contents.

The polish has really great coverage.  Very shiny too which is awesome!  I just got the package so haven’t tried the pedicure cream yet.  Will let you know how that goes later in the week.

All in all I am going to cancel my membership however.  **Yes, be warned that if you purchase the trial, they store your card and will charge you $20 each month unless you cancel.**  While I think their products so far are really nice… I am a die hard pastel girl and am pretty much set on Essie and Nicole by OPI.  So for me to get a new package each month would never work since I don’t usually stray far from a range of about 3 shades of pink on my toes.  There is also the fact that I rarely do my fingernails because I am too lazy to keep up the maintenance each week.

For the record I have no association with Julep.  Just figured I would give it a try and a shout-out.

My Julep Maven pedicure in action.

My DIY: Crown Jubilee Canotier

I have to say this has been a fun month.  Really enjoying taking the time to photograph all my sewing endeavors.  Gives me a sense of satisfaction to see first-and-foremost how much my skills have improved as well as to see projects completed.

Today’s DIY is a regal, black canotier.  Now if you look up “canotier” in a dictionary, you will learn that it is associated with sail fabric or a sailor’s hat, of which a straw boater is common.  But in the magical land that is Lolita Fashion, a canotier is a round lacy headdress.  Some have a long ribbon used to tie it around one’s head with the knot under the chin.  Others, have clips or combs attached to the back to secure them easily to one’s hair.

My DIY canotier, a lolita headdress, with very royal roots.

I started with a black silk and cotton blend fabric that has a wonderful woven texture.  One of those subtle details that I love so much.  The crown was picked up in the NYC fashion district at Joyce Trimming.  There are so many great trim shops, but Joyce is one of my faves for patches and embellishments.  It is also dangerously close to Kinokuniya, so well within my stomping grounds.  The rose lace and black ribbon came from my second favorite trim shop, Daytona Trimming.  I am madly in love with cats, but also deathly allergic to them.  So I have to give warning that, if you too are allergic, be ready to dash in and out of Daytona as quickly as possible.  Know what you want to buy or suffer a major allergy flare up as they let their cats have the run of the shop.

I started this project way back in April.  You might recall it from my J-Weekend post.  The reason it is only now being posted is that I just couldn’t find the exact clip for the back.  I finally settled on this round one that has both an alligator clip and a pin clasp.  Barrettes never stay in place on my super fine hair, so it had to be an alligator clip.  But I also wanted the flexibility to wear it as a pin over a dress or cardigan.

So there you have it.  My Crown Jubilee Canotier!

Sweet Dreams, Sheri




P.S.  Congrats to Queen Elizabeth II on 60 amazing years!

Happy Tanabata

Happy Tanabata - Bambo branch decorated with wishes.

Wishing you a very Happy Tanabata!

  • Sweet wishes are tied to a bamboo branch to celebrate the holiday
  • Bought some sweets from Minamoto Kitchoan for our party tonight
  • Pulled out my Angelic Pretty Dream Star necklace and bracelet for the occasion

I know what my wish is.  What will you wish for this year?

My DIY: Lolita Straw Hat

Found a very basic boater-style straw hat at ALDO of all places.  Was one of those moments where the light bulb went off and I could see the perfect accessory for the country lolita dress that I made last year.

All the materials you will need for your DIY straw hat.

Last weekend I pulled together all the bits-and-bobs from my sewing and crafting supplies which included:

  • the new straw hat
  • left over fabric from my dress
  • a few pieces of decorative lace
  • a handful of silk and artificial flowers (from JoAnn Fabrics)
  • a new hot glue gun and glue sticks (from Michael’s Crafts)

The finished DIY Lolita straw hat.

This is one of the easiest do it yourself projects I have done in years.  I made a simple band out of my left over fabric.  Was going to trim it in lace that matched my dress but changed my mind.  I didn’t want to go overboard, especially since the whole objective of the dress I made was for it to be unfussy.

It took a little while to glue down the floral lace to the brim of the straw hat.  I worked flower by flower and using only a small drop of the glue.  I wanted to make sure and preserve the delicacy of the lace.

Adding the flowers was a piece of cake.  Started with a pretty good glob of glue where I wanted to place the big roses.  Finished them off with some strategic placement of glue in well concealed areas to make sure they were securly attached. Added just two leaves and a handful of much smaller flowers in the vacant spaces between the roses and the hat.

It was that simple.

Country Lolita JSK and Straw Hat.

Now I have the perfect accessory to match my summer jumperskirt!  Can’t wait to try it out.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri




Shrimp Summer Rolls

So yesterday I posted about some yummies that came out of the garden.  Mon amour tossed some shrimp on the barbeque and dug out Vietnamese spring roll wrappers from the pantry.

Herbs fresh from the garden and ready to eat.

And voilà, summer rolls and peanut dipping sauce!

Summer rolls and peanut dipping sauce.

For the peanut dipping sauce he used:

  • peanut butter
  • grated ginger
  • sriracha
  • shoyu
  • sake
  • lime juice
  • and a dash of white miso


From the Garden

Herbs and vegatables from my little garden.My little container garden is starting to take off.  Brought in a healthy batch of herbs and a few scallions this week.  Nom, nom, nom \(^ ^)/

You’ll have to wait to see what we make with all the goodies!

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