pastel fine china tea service

I missed out on a wonderful opportunity when I was a teenager.  My grandmother had what can only be described as a spectacular tea service collection.  Towards her last days she passed it along within the family, and I did receive a few pieces but didn’t appreciate them.  In the end they never followed along with me as I moved on eventually landing here in beautiful NY.  My appreciate for the finer things sadly didn’t hit until my very early 30’s. What I wouldn’t give to have an armoire full of jems like those above now.

floral party cakes and cookies

I imagine I would want to served something like this if I were to start my own tea service collection.  Dainty floral pastries to coordinate with the elegant designs of the cups and saucers.  While I have a ravaging sweet tooth, frosting and marzipan are not my cup of tea.  So perhaps…

macarons cherries chocolate strawberries

Yes, definitely.  Floral macarons, sugar and chocolate coated strawberries, candied cherries.  Oh my.

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