Rilakkuma School Supplies

Is Rilakkuma studying for school?Can you believe it is Back to School season already?  It is so obvious at work; the place has become a ghost town with everyone squeezing in that last holiday with the kids before September arrives.

Having started studying Japanese this year, I have been paying much more attention to school supplies than I have in ages.  And as I have a steady income and can splurge more these days, my school bag is stuffed full of very cute and very pastel goodies that make me happy and want to study.  The surprise guest that I can’t get enough of lately is San-X’s Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma.  Did you know Rilakkuma means “bear in relaxed mood?”  No wonder I like him so much, he is lazy and totally stress free!  Who doesn’t need a good dose of that these days!

What’s inside my book bag?

rilakkuma school supplies

  1. Well to start, my new book bag is Rilakkuma himself!!
  2. There is nothing like a cute, pink umbrella adorned with little bears and strawberries to brighten a rainy autumn day.
  3. iPhone/iPod earbuds are safe and sound inside a soft Korilakkuma coin purse.
  4. Lunch is so much sweeter when you have a kawaii lunch bag and matching bento boxes.
  5. When deep in thought, doodle away with a comfy grip pen.
  6. Notes, ideas, reminders and more can be jotted in these petite notebooks.
  7. Business cards, receipts, and other small bits of paper can be tucked inside these handy pockets.  Just stick one to the inside of a binder and you are all set.
  8. Need a reminder?  These bite size note pads are perfect for to-dos (and for leaving love notes inside someone’s lunch bag.)
  9. Paperclips and binder rings are easy to find in an adorable little tin.

korilakkuma back to school

Where to find Rilakkuma?

NY/NJ is fortunate and has 3 local shops that stock plenty of the cuddly little bears.  So if you are local do checkout Kinokuniya across from Bryant Park or Mars and Sanseido at Mitsuwa Marketplace.  I am pretty sure you might find him tucked away in some of Chinatown’s shops too, but I haven’t been in a while to be able to point you in the right direction.

There are a lot of great online resources to turn to.  My favorites are because they have a vast selection (at least 400 items last time I looked) and (who hovers between 100 to 200 items.)  The San-X website also maintains a great shop list where you might find a location near you.

rilakkuma border

P.S.  I am not affiliated with San-X or any of the merchants mentioned above in anyway. But I am a really big fan!


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  1. Danica says:

    by the way how much did the bag cost? reply by email

  2. Danica says:

    do you know any good websites for rilakkuma other than dream kitty and modes4u?

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