I have many memories of growing up, but as for food memories what sticks out the most is having access to the best Lebanese food you can imagine in Dearborn, Michigan.  Now many years later, and equally many cities away, new precious memories are being made thanks to Sahadi’s Specialty & Fine Foods in Brooklyn, New York.

sahadi fine foods brooklyn

For 2 lovely years I lived walking distance from this gem.  You enter and your senses are first lifted by the freshly ground coffee beans.  The coffee’s nearest neighbor is floor-to-ceiling shelving packed with spices from every corner of the world.

sahadi pickles olives garlic

A few steps further and you are now on your way to a culinary adventure like no other.  Be sure to promptly pull a number to be served from the plethora of nuts, olives, dried fruits, grains, pickled delicacies, chocolates…  Many a Saturday the line spills out onto Atlantic Avenue.  So worth it, but fair warning. In fact if you come with a friend, make sure one of you jumps out to pull a number while the other finds a parking spot!

sahadis dried fruit

sahadi fresh nuts

The variety, history, and charm all draw me to Sahadi’s.  But because I am not the only fan of this century old establishment, the best part is the booming customer base ensures the products are always fresh!

sahadi middle eastern food

What further makes Sahadi’s rate high on the list for Life’s Sweet Essentials #1 – Food, is also their price.  For $200 I went home with 4 shopping baskets stuffed to the gills worth of items.  Mind you, the scale in the bathroom might also reflect this later this week.  Still worth it.  Bon appetit!

Sweet Dreams, Sheri



P.S.  I am not in any way affiliated with Sahadi’s store or products.  As I have said before, I am just really fussy about food and what I eat.