Saturday Style: International Lolita Day Sail

I had the most amazing weekend.  To celebrate International Lolita Day I joined the NYC girls on a sail around the Hudson in NYC!  Petrina organized the event and it was just perfect.

nyc lolita on the high seas

The heat vanished the minute the ship set sail.  After a few nibbles of fruit, cheese and veggies we all settled in for the cruise.

cheese crackers fruit lolita lunch

nyc ild lunch cruise

The city skyline came into view and conversation was lively.  I am not particularly eloquent when it comes to writing, so I will let the photos speak for themselves.  Sufice it to say, I think we all had a fantastic voyage.

mary alice as a lovely pirate

nyc lolitas amber christine

nyc ild high seas hold tight

manhattan by sail view of nyc

nyc lolita victorian dolls

chris de la rosa as a pirate

lady liberty the original nyc lolita

amanda in perfect sailor style lolita

alexsandra tony petrina alia sailing

all smiles on ild june 2013

windswept sailing the hudson

a lolita pirates life

back ashore after lolita sail

cute lolita bags in nyc

Made some awesome new friends.  The NYC Lolitas really are a very open and welcoming bunch.  Can’t wait to see you all again soon! (Perhaps at the Baby fashion show next Saturday?)

lolita snack at spot after the sail

Enjoying a sweet at Spot Dessert Bar in St. Mark’s Place after the sail.
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