Saturday Style: Muji Maiden

saturday style muji maiden

The gaggle of shoppers on Greenwich Avenue had no idea what hit them today.  Had my fringe trimmed at Hopscotch and then made my way up to Starbucks to meet my buddy.  All this in my red, white and blue stripped MUJI onepiece.  Stood out like a sore thumb.  And really didn’t care.

I am a total sucker for baggy dresses.  I mixed in a lace collar from Wonder Rocket, black leggings also from Muji, patent ballet platforms from Asos, and a black Lacoste tote bag.  Well and I couldn’t resist topping it off with my DIY sailor bow to show off the fresh bangs.

rilakkuma bonjour band aids

But the piece that made the outfit was my matching Rilakkuma French bandaids!  So cute!  The perfect cure for boo-boos.

P.S. Picked out new glasses today.  So very excited.  Finally found frames in pink!!! Can’t wait to pick them up.
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One Response to Saturday Style: Muji Maiden

  1. Pyl says:

    Qu’est-ce que vous êtes migonne, mademoiselle ! :-o :-)

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