collage of various Angelic Pretty gingham dresses

Winter decided to give us its best shot in March this year and the effect of being cooped up is making me itch for warm spring days. As usual, I am preoccupied and anxiously awaiting the cherry blossoms as April approaches. A twist on the theme, my mind is conjuring up images of a gingham hanami experience. A mix of traditional summer picnic fare blended with chillier spring blossom viewing party accoutrements. This wouldn’t have anything to do with all those posts that Angelic Pretty Candy keeps filling my feed with. No not at all.

Angelic Pretty Blue Gingham Picnic JSK

I mean really Angelic Pretty, how can you be doing this to me. Literally dying over here to basically buy everything in your vignette. Well, I do already have the bag so that will save me a penny or two. Now AP has done a bazillion gingham prints before so this isn’t anything terribly new. However, this year’s variation has a softer simplicity that is really speaking to me. I am praying the back of that jumperskirt is fully shirred!!!

Angelic Pretty Red Gingham Check Picnic OP

While the gingham dresses are darling so are the compositions on their Instagram feed. They pour so much detail into each photo. Items from releases long since past show up collaged with new pieces in perfect harmony. It really shows the breadth of their work on how to mix and match. Which is a pretty honest reflection of your average lolita’s wardrobe and how you build new looks intermingling old and new acquisitions. Also mixed in are the most adorable little finds like the cup and straw in the above. Basically Angelic Pretty has reinvented the floor-dinate and elevated it to an art form. Bless them ✿♥‿♥✿