Hi!  Just returned from a lovely getaway to Cape Cod.  I was much in need of some R&R and a change of scenery to get the creative juices flowing again.

While my better half has visited many times, it was my first.  The Cape does seem to be sort of locked in time; or at least that is my impression.  Small cedar shingled cottages and campgrounds look pretty much like they must have back in the 1950’s and Victorian’s even farther back to the turn of the century.  I couldn’t help but think of the holiday camp from Dirty Dancing as we explored (but as I recall Kellerman’s was in the Catskills.)

Collage of fun things to see and do in Cape Cod

  1. We purchased 2 dozen oysters pretty much everyday.  How could one resist.  On a sunny afternoon, while my beau was shucking them for a happy hour snack, he discovered a pearl!!!  What an incredible surprise!
  2. Lobsters, lobsters, and more lobsters.  It is the Cape after-all.
  3. Yes, yes I did bring lolita with me.  But went easy on the locals with a low-key country-loli look.  I made the dress last summer.  Had been inspired by a very sweet Mary Magdalene piece with a three-tier skirt.
  4. Lobster rolls at the Raw Bar in Mashpee.  Steamers and stuffed quahogs were streaming out of the kitchen.
  5. One of many windmills; this one located in a cottage resort in Dennisport.
  6. Antiques, antiques, and more antiques.  Isn’t this carousel horse adorable.  His price tag was a bit shocking, but a photo was free.
  7. I can’t even begin to explain how impressed I was with all the flora and fauna.  It was peak season for hydrangeas.  The garden shops were overflowing with them if you have a green thumb.
  8. The real reason one comes to the Cape – for the beach.  Nothing like enjoying the sunset and listening to the waves gently rolling in.
  9. No trip is complete with out stocking up on a few bags of namesake chips as a treat for the return trip home.

The natural color palette in Cape Cod.A parting thought, as we packed the car to head back, it struck me that Cape Cod has a very distinct color palette.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri