Back in February, the very last day of our stay in Tokyo coincided with the Baked Sweets Parade release by Angelic Pretty. I remember being so disappointed finding out the JSK didn’t have full shirring. Shame on you AP, shame on you. The La Foret AP had been closed during our trip for renovations so I stopped in on that last day to see what the new space looked like. Adorable of course. What to my surprise did I find? That they had a special set with full shirring! Ayyyee!

la foret for the angelic pretty baked sweets parade release

I totally want to make one of those candy pops by the way. But that is not what this post is about today. I do have plenty of sugar in store for you though. How about a sprinkles cutsew? Hu hu hu. The amazing thing is that I found this jersey fabric at JoAnn Fabrics of all places. If memory serves me it was on Cape Cod to boot. So this is like a coordinate spanning multiple vacations in the making :3 And like many fabrics, I sat on this for a good deal of time. Its definitely a quirk I have. Find a fabric and love it so much you are terrified to cut into it. In this case I’m glad I waited. While a gamble for sure, you know, print-on-print. Still wanted to pair this fabric with the new dress. It took me a while to hop to it (that work thing) but in the end I am over the moon happy with the result.


cupcake sprinkles print otome kei cutsew

If you are wondering, yep same pattern. Its almost always the same pattern. When it works roll with it. But I constantly play with the details. The new addition this time around is the fun lace and elastic cuffs. I wanted to make it as girly as I could. So the lace on the cuffs plays off the collar design. And for just an extra does of sugar a very dainty velvet bow on the collar to pull out more of the pink in the print.

how to make the collar and cuff of the cutsew

Its definitely busy to look at with all those sprinkles swirling around. But once tucked under a jumperskirt it tones down right into place for a good balance. As a creature of comfort this is a trend you are going to see a lot more of from me. I’ve grown bored of the OTT trends lately and find myself returning to a relaxed, everyday lolita style. For me that means cutsews… and lots of them. I won’t give up entirely on the vintage blouses I have collected for dressier prints or when the occasion calls for it. Cutsews however have made the fashion much easier as a go-to for feeling cute and comfortable all at the same time.

angelic pretty baked sweets parade coord in sax

The other trick helping me to wear the fashion more frequently is natural hair. I am digging how long my tresses are getting 米^-^米

donut pixel gif