I’ve been slowly amassing a decent collection of branded tableware, most of which is Angelic Pretty. The novelty items are so charming and a perfect addition to any lolita’s home. I dream of one day hosting an informal tea party from the comfort of my own abode, but for now our home is too small and lacks a dining room.

angelic pretty and emily temple cute plates and dishes

My grandmother used to collect fine china tea cups and saucers which is where I think I got the itch to start this collection. This is definitely not what I would use for my everyday dishes, rather something for special occasions and celebrations. Not really sure what the table will look like given these novelties are all over the place in terms of color, design and size. Then again, the idea of a eclectic mix-n-match table appeals to me.

random lolita brand plates mugs coasters

Of all my collection, the Emily Temple cute champagne glasses get the most use. We pull them out every New Year’s Eve as the gold dot print is made even cuter with little steams of bubbles inside the glass! For now I use the Angelic Pretty plates when I want to snap a picture of a new accessory as they make a great backdrop. Otherwise most of these are tucked safely away waiting for the right occasion. I’ve tried to live a simple streamlined life, but this is one area where I am perfectly content to give up some extremely valuable storage space for a frivolous passion.