Project Update: Applique Takes Patience

I knew this project was going to be a labor of love.  Am kinda glad I went for making a 14″ pillow instead of 20″.  With a hectic work schedule and other projects on my agenda I only get to add a few chevrons at a time.  And I am perfectly happy with that – there’s no rush.

anthropologie kimono pillow diy projectNow that I can start to see the finish line, I’ve decided to pipe the edges of the pillow.  The inspiration pillows from Anthropologie and West Elm don’t appear to have piping, but I feel it adds a nice finishing touch.  A basic black piping has been selected which will contrast with the base fabric.  When I think of Kimono my first impression is of the most formal robes, with a base in black, worn for special occasions.  So black seems like the most appropriate option.  For now, I just need to keep going!

Update 5: Applique Taking Shape
Update 4: Applique Pieces Basted
Update 3: Ready to Begin Applique
Update 2: Finalizing the Pattern
Update 1: Pattern for Perfect Corners
Kickoff: Anthro & West Elm Inspiration