Fashion Show: Acryl agitt with Matenrou Opera bassist yo

My taste swings to the sweet side of things, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate other J-Fashion styles. Former h.NAOTO chief designer, Daisuke Ichikawa, put on a superb show at AnimeNEXT. Distressed fabrics and tough attitudes along side neko mimi and pearls combined to make what I can only describe as fancy punk. The coordinates for the girls were both pretty and edgy. The guys sported jackets that were tailored perfectly for country club life were it not for the bold spray painted stencil details.

acryl agitt fashion show animenext 2014

acryl agitt matenrou opera yo

Bassist Yo of the visual kei band Matenrou Opera modeled along with many local amateurs. Yo has modeled for Acryl agitt in the past in Japan however this was his first apperance modeling in the US.

acryl agitt runway mens fashion

acryl agitt mens fashion animenext

kitsy acryl agitt fashion show animenext 2014

THE Greatfull Flat Duel Jewel Natsuki

stephanie modeling in acryl agitt fashion show

acryl agitt punk street visual kei fashion

visual kei opera yo bassist acryl agitt

acryl agitt designer daisuke ichikawa

I couldn’t keep count how many coordinates made their way down the catwalk. Truly an impressive number of pieces and models. Not only did the clothing make an impression but the make up was delectable.