Saturday Style: Mori Girl

Taking a minor detour from my vacation photo log.  But not really.  Here we are back home and our first weekend “to do” is a trip to Mitsuwa the Japanese market in NJ.  It isn’t the same, but is the closest you can get to Japan here on the East Coast.  I figured it was also a good day to try out a new Japanese fashion style.

japanese fashion mori girl

Its a pretty big departure from my first love, Lolita.  Have to say I don’t miss the petticoat. This is the outfit I picked out at Wonder Rocket in Harajuku.  I was very nervous wearing it out for the first time.  In Mars (my favorite shop for cute Japanese goods) the shop girl told me she really liked my style.  That totally put me at ease.  So a big Arigato goes out to Stephanie for boosting my confidence.

I went for what I hope is a mix mostly of mori girl with touches of natural and otome kei.  How did I do?

wonder rocket mori girl style

Outfit Breakdown:  Skirt, sweater, cardigan, collar and socks are all from Wonder Rocket.  Purse is from Ahcahcum Muchacha.  Bracelet is from Baby the Star Shine Bright.  Watch fob necklace and butterfly pin are vintage pieces from my Grandmother (and 2 of only a handful of items I still have from my childhood.) Pretty sure I found the shoes at Nordstrom Rack of all places.

Ahcahcum Muchacha – Limited Edition Variety Box

About a year ago I became addicted to the brand ムチャチャ⇔あちゃちゅむ. It all started with their Spring Mook which contained the most awesome cat face tote bag.  Mine has seen a lot of action since then.

Oh Kinokuniya, you did it again.  I went in for notebooks and left with the new Ahcahcum Muchacha Limited Edition Variety Box!  It is purrrrrfect!  There are some nice photo’s of the box set on Amazon Japan. It was released on Jan 31 and if you are quick there was a massive stack at Kino in Bryant Park as of Friday night.

ahcahcum box set contents

ahcahcum variety box special

ahcahcum muchacha postcards

ahcahcum muchacha scarf

I paid $36.30 for the set and it includes:

  • 16×22.5cm purse – that can be carried by its handles or slung over the shoulder by the chain
  • 50x50cm scarf
  • hardcover book that contains 24 postcards featuring the brand’s unique designs

You can check out more items from the brand over at ZOZOTOWN. I am secretly wishing that their next Mook or Box Set will include one of their rabbit designs.


latest muchacha products