Fashion Show: Galaxxxy with Kimura U

AnimeNEXT might be tiny by con standards, but it brings in the talent when it comes to J-Fashion. The convention wasn’t very good at organizing the line to get in or at being prompt about starting on time, but the show was awesome. I debated not going this year but then they announced that Kimura U was going to be the guest model and that sealed the deal.

My beau and I were able to snag not just front row seats, but the two seats right at the end of the catwalk. Couldn’t have been better! So without further ado here are some of the snaps I captured from the show. Hope you enjoy it.

galaxxxy rocks fashion show 2014-summer

kimura u modeling galaxxxy watermelon skirt at animenext

creamy mami papillon rose galaxxxy fashion

galaxxxy star brat see through one piece pastel

Have to pause here. This was my favorite コデ (coordinate.) I love her hair and the pastels. But what I like is that somehow this look is posh, cute, and quirky all at the same time. The silver high heal necklace gives elegance to the look while the high top trainers make it casual. And the Wonder Woman cuff bracelets – awesome!!!

jurassic panic X galaxxxy collaboration 80's pastel

galaxxxy bitchie barbie shorts and sweatshirt

space sick chameleon jacket by galaxxxy

neon duck tank top by galaxxxy tokyo fashion

kimura u kokokim galaxxxy poodle gangs

I love that these shows give local fashion fans the chance to model. At the same time it must be so hard for them. They have little-to-no time to prep and rehearse. I think everyone did a really great job! My only critique is that the amateurs need to take more time in their poses. Its probably just nerves getting the best of them, I did a lot of theater in my youth so know how your heart goes doki-doki on stage. But some of the girls were so fast all I could get was blurs.  Squirel