Project Update: Pillow Pattern Pieces

If it wasn’t for a little thing called a career I would do nothing but work on this DIY project all day and all night.  Am really excited and can’t wait to see it come to fruition.  But since I can’t play hooky – someone has to pay the bills – I will squeeze in a few minutes here and there.

anthro pillow pattern pieces

I am working with many different types of kimono fabric for the chevrons.  In order to deal with the variations in fabric weight (some are pretty flimsy) and to ensure good consistent shapes I have decided to use a fusible interfacing.  The chevron shape also means working on the bias which can be wiggly.  Normally I wouldn’t want to use anything “unnatural” with silk, and vintage silk at that.  But to achieve the end result I am aiming for, think it is the right direction to take.  Only time will tell.

Drafting the pattern required some math skills. I caved and used my “call a friend” card.  I figured out the basics – 6 columns, 45 degree angle, and approximately 14 pieces per column.  My friend advised on 3/4″ finished height for each piece.  With that size there is hopefully just enough of a gutter, a negative space between each piece, to best match the inspiration pillow from Anthropologie.

All the interfacing pieces are cut.  Next step is to apply them to the kimono fabrics.  Stay tuned.

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