DIY Anthro & West Elm Pillows

anthro and west elm pillows

Came across this blog post {} and knew I could whip up a DIY version for even less -AND- give them an Asian vibe with my massive stash of kimono and yukata fabrics.  I am hoping to achieve the quality of the Anthropologie chevron pillow over the West Elm version, which I am sorry to say looks like a less well endowed cousin when seen side-by-side.

For the past ten or more years I have collected a ridiculous amount of vintage kimono and kimono fabric.  E-bay and Etsy have been good to me.  But the online resource that no other can hold a candle to is Ichiroya! This little shop located in Osaka, Japan is gorgeous.  They were early adopters of e-Commerce, experts in kimono tradition (Ichiro’s mum Michiko is adorable,) and are major insiders for the kimono flea market in Japan.  I bought my first 2 bolts of yukata fabric from them back in 2002.  My pocketbook has gone downhill since then gobbling up a hoard of blue and white yukata. Many a sewing and diy project has come out of my studio thanks to Yuka and Ichiro.  Arigato!

diy kimono chevron pillow Stay tuned to see the results.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri





Summer Must Have – Flatforms

Thank you Anthropologie for having an entire line of summer Flatforms!  I have no idea who came up with the term flatforms, but I hope the trend sticks around for good. I outright refuse to wear high heels, but these are great.  All the comfort of a flat plus fun lift.  Mind you, I am 5’8.5″ so don’t need the boost unlike some of my vertically challenged friends.

Can’t decide between these 2 pairs.  Super pop coral or subtle silver?  Can just imagine how stunning a big splash of orange would look with a nice summer wrap dress say in a cool blue and white print.  The silver can go with just about anything!

Two of Anthropologies' lovely summer flatform shoes.

Asos also has a good size collection of flatforms this year too.  Not exactly as pulled together as Anthro, but still have some pretty decent cousins.

asos and prada flatforms

I wasn’t quick enough to snap up a pair of Prada creepers last year. Still sad over that one.  Would give anything for a pair in blue and black. And eBay hasn’t yielded any fruitful results. ( ̄へ ̄)I am not giving up though.  Have a pair in size 39 you are willing to let go of?

Sweet Dreams, Sheri